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Baldur’s Gate 3’s new evil endings will be even more nefarious

Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 7 is not only upping the RPG’s wickedness factor, it's squashing bugs and adding mod tools for PS5 and Xbox too.

Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 7 evil endings: a lizard-like creature next to a purple mind-flayer

Baldur’s Gate 3 has conjured up a storm since it launched last August, and after a whirlwind awards season for the PS5 and Xbox game, it’s hard to imagine it getting even better. Well, developer Larian is always looking to improve on perfect, and BG3 Patch 7 is dialing the wickedness of its evil endings up to 11.

Addressing the community in a new update, Larian says that Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 7 “will add improved evil endings to the game for even darker conclusions to your most sinister playthroughs” – non-Durge players included. To showcase the evilness of the RPG game’s new endings, the studio has even included a couple of sneak peeks. Note that there will be spoilers ahead!

From what we can tell, the first ending will revolve around the player dominating the masses, bending the will of the people to your own. It’s arguably more evil than the standard evil ending, which only has you dominate the Netherbrain as well as your companions. More domination, more evil.

The second ending, meanwhile, looks metal as fuck. Though it’s unclear what exactly it entails, we’re going to take great joy in traipsing through a corpse ocean that’s illuminated by a blood moon eclipse. Noughties Linkin Park AMV YouTubers would’ve eaten this up without sparing a morsel, and we’ve got ‘Hybrid Theory’ at the ready.

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To really amp up the nefariousness in one of the best Xbox games and best PS5 games, BAFTA award-winning composer Borislav ‘Bobby’ Slavov has been back in the kitchen cooking up something tremendous. The ‘March of Darkness’, which you can listen to above, is aptly named. Slavov states that “dark endings usually make the music colors go dark too.” Suffice to say, it goes inexplicably hard.

If this isn’t evil enough for you to enter your villain arc, then official modding tools are finally being introduced in the next patch – a game-changer for console players who’ve been watching their PC counterparts have all the fun with the best BG3 mods – should give you all the extra oomph you need. The dev notes you can “change up visuals, animations, sounds, stats, and more to overhaul Baldur’s Gate 3 into the weird nightmare realm of your dreams.”

Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 7 evil endings: a lizard-like creature wearing a black and gold outfit

Elsewhere in Patch 7, Larian says several bugs are being squashed, “including Jaheira’s unwillingness to follow the group and jump into combat, Wyll’s less-than-romantic greetings, as well as the mysteriously disappearing Narrator lines from the Gortash and Dark Urge confrontation.”

By the looks of things, more evil endings could be the last major additions to BG3. “Bug fixes, performance enhancements, and stability” improvements are the only things highlighted as priorities moving forward – that is, outside of the highly-anticipated introductions of crossplay and a dedicated photo mode. Larian pls. Though the studio reiterates that work is actively being undertaken to bring the features to our consoles, “these additions will likely be further down the road.”

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