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PS Plus bringing optional trophies, save states, rewind to PS1 games

PS Plus has started rolling out across Asia, confirming a number of features that will come to PS Plus Premium subscribers playing PS1 games

PS Plus has begun to roll out its all-new PS Plus Premium and Extra tiers, starting this week with PlayStation’s territories in Asia as we gather traction towards the PS Plus revamp release date in US and Europe. Details of what lies in store for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 fans eager to upgrade their subscription have started to drop, including a range of new features for PS1 and PSP games coming to the service.

First glimpsed over on Resetera, all PS1 games will apparently be receiving a Nintendo Switch Online-like rewind feature, allowing players to wind back gameplay if they’ve made a mistake or just want to replay a moment that’s just passed. Save states will also be coming to the game, allowing players to circumvent the need to rely on sometimes archaic save points and, heaven forbid, password systems.

One feature players were eager to see confirmed was PS1 trophies for all PS1 games, but unfortunately this has been revealed to be optional on the behalf of the developers. While last week it was revealed by Bend Studio that Syphon Filter would be receiving trophy support when it hits the service, unfortunately other previously listed titles, such as Worms Armageddon, have been revealed to not feature support at all.

This will come as a shame to those looking for an added incentive to revisit classic PS1 games, though there is no definite confirmation that games without support for trophies when the service launches will not receive support later down the line. With Sony establishing a new PlayStation preservation team ahead of PS Plus, we very well could see a shift to this stance in the coming months and years.

Additional features revealed to be coming to PS1 games include the ability to upload saves online, as well as an array of scaling options and screen filters. The inclusion of a CRT filter overlay will come as welcome news to aficionados looking to evoke some classic mid-90s aesthetics.

Elsewhere, it was revealed that the previously unconfirmed Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey would be coming to the service. The game has not been confirmed for PS Plus Premium in the West just yet, but its availability on the service in Asia does suggest it will only be a matter of time.

We also got a glimpse at a possible upressed Ridge Racer 2 from the PSP coming as well, though it has since been removed from the storefront. Should these newly teased games come westward, it will surely be of interest to future subscribers who want to know just how far their dollars will go when compared to the PS Plus Premium value at launch.