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Nintendo Switch Online is after PS Plus’ crown amid new report

Following a new Nintendo earnings call, Nintendo Switch Online has broken a subscriber record that took PS Plus 9 years to achieve.

Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions financial report 2023

Subscriptions like PS Plus, Xbox Game Pass, or Nintendo Switch Online help us get the most out of our consoles. Whether it is by nabbing exclusive discounts on PS5 games, or playing online, all of these services are ultimately in competition to give you the best bang for your buck. Now, as Nintendo shows fresh reports in a recent earnings call, it appears that its own subscription service is fast approaching Sony when it comes to memberships.

Accessing the best PS5 games around is handy, and we love all the free PS Plus games available, but Nintendo Switch Online is making moves of its own too. In the latest Nintendo financial report, the company explains that “as of the end of September [2023], the number of paid Nintendo Switch Online and Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members totaled more than 38 million accounts.” Comparatively, PS Plus’ recent subscriber count peaks at 47.4 million.

It is still a big gap to close, but given that Nintendo Switch Online has only existed since 2018, the progress is undeniable. PS Plus began in 2010, and didn’t meet the 38 million mark until December 2019, according to Statista. Nintendo Switch Online’s rise in 5 years, against PS Plus’ 13 years of existence, isn’t to be overlooked. Offering some of the best Nintendo Switch games available, the report expresses that “we continue to offer new ways for users to enjoy Nintendo Switch over the long term by expanding the content available.”

Nintendo Switch Online PS Plus

nintendo financial report november 2023

Furthermore, the report collates information on “annual playing users”, totaling over 100 million users in the last year. “Thanks to the synergy between all the factors mentioned previously, over 100 million users continued to play Nintendo Switch […] even in the platform’s seventh year. We can also see that people of all ages, from children to seniors, are enjoying Nintendo Switch,” the report states.

It echos Sony’s own progress with PlayStation players, as Sony’s latest report clarifies that “the overall number of monthly active users for PlayStation in September was 107 million accounts, an increase of 5 million from the same month last year.” With over 330 million Nintendo accounts up and running, across console and mobile, we wonder what strides the company will take to compete with PS Plus’ Extra and Premium tier overhaul. Meanwhile, it is worth considering what Microsoft can bring to Xbox Game Pass now the Activision-Blizzard acquisition is complete.

PS Plus subscriber count 2023

Nintendo Switch Online subscriber count

We doubt that Nintendo will ever replicate Game Pass style features like day one drops for its biggest games, just as PS Plus forgoes the same notion. However, with so many classic games in the Nintendo oeuvre, bringing bigger selections of streamable/downloadable games is something we’d all like to see. The Nintendo Switch is home to some of the best multiplayer games around, after all.