PS Plus is sneaking in a classic Disney game amid Black Friday deals

PS Plus Black Friday deals are ready to explore, but amid the new array of PS5 deals, a beloved Disney game could be sneaking onto PS Plus.

PS Plus Black Friday deals UP disney

One of the best periods of the year is here for PS Plus, as Sony introduces a suite of PS Plus Black Friday deals to sink your teeth into. There are plenty of PS5 games to get your hands on, but if you’re looking for a nostalgia hit, then keep your eyes peeled for the potential arrival of a certified Disney classic. Let’s just say things are looking up.

Getting access to all those awesome PS Plus Extra and Premium games is sweet, but sometimes it is great to revisit a childhood classic. Now, it makes us feel old to cite 2009’s UP as a childhood movie, but the heart-wrenching animated triumph was accompanied by a PSP game. According to the Taiwanese ratings board, UP is undergoing certifications for PS4 and PS5, indicating that it could be joining the growing list of PS Plus Premium titles.

At present, Sony continues to upload its more sought after PSP and PS1 games to the Premium tier, in a bid to entice players to the higher tier. The ratings board certification, first spotted by Gematsu, doesn’t signal any kind of release date for UP, but it is possible it may arrive with the next drop of PS Plus games in December.

PS Plus Up Disney

Is UP one of the best games from the PSP era? Not really, but like other Disney games of the time, it provides a nice alternative experience to the movie. The real king of Disney games is Toy Story 2, which is available right now as one of many free PS Plus games. That opening level is still iconic, perfectly capturing the atmosphere of the movies, and letting us finally see the rest of Andy’s house. Who knew how fun that could be?

We’d argue that The Incredibles game is also up there with the best Disney games. It may have been a bit difficult, but that Dash level is still brilliant now. It is a shame that The Incredibles 2 dealt with the Underminer in its opening scene, but if you wanted more of that peculiar villain, at least The Incredibles game did get a sequel in 2005.

UP still remains an acclaimed movie within the Disney library, and was nominated for 5 Academy Awards following its release. Out of those 5, it won two awards, but lost Best Picture to The Hurt Locker. It is still one of the best Disney movies around, though.

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Aside from possible revisiting UP, you can also download many of the best PS5 games around, and nab yourself some gems in the PS Plus Black Friday sales.