Project L release date rumours, trailers, gameplay, and more

Project L is a League of Legends inspired fighting game and the Project L release date is fast approaching, let’s get you up to speed

Project L release date, trailers, gameplay and more: Showcasing some League of Legend fighters in the arena. With flashy combos and slick visuals

When is the Project L release date? Project L is an upcoming 2D fighting game, made by Riot Games and it will feature a wide array of characters from the League of Legends franchise. Fans of LoL will be ecstatic to see their favourites battling it out in this fighting game spin-off, especially since they’ll get the chance to master all their moves in a new combat system. Here is all we know about the Project L release date, trailers, gameplay, and more.

Project L was announced in 2019 in a League of Legends anniversary stream, which came as quite a shock to fans worldwide. Updates on the game’s development have been sparse since its announcement, but in 2021 we got a little update video from Tom and Tony Cannon, letting us know they are making excellent headway with Project L, which, we assume, is just a placeholder name.

With League of Legends setting off on this new adventure, let’s see what information we have for the Project L release date, trailers, gameplay, and more.

Project L release date

When is Project L coming? Currently, we don’t have a Project L release date and we know that, thanks to a blog post from Tom Cannon, the game won’t be coming out in 2022. With that in mind, it’s likely that Project L – or whatever it will eventually be called – will make an appearance in 2023.

Project L trailers

So far, Riot Games has released two trailers for Project L. The first is a simple announcement trailer that featured very little in terms of gameplay. You can watch the trailer down below.

The second trailer provided fighting game fans with a more in-depth look at the fighting mechanics and how the gameplay will function. Overall it looks to be a crisp and clean fighting game that LoL fans can get excited over.

Project L gameplay

The gameplay we’ve seen for Project L so far suggests it’ll consist of stringing together the most flashy combos and whittling down the health of your opponents in the coolest, yet most effective ways.

To aid in pulling off these crazy life-draining combos, Project L appears to have a support character system in place. This function will allow you to tag in a secondary character to unleash powerful moves that can help you in the heat of battle and extend your combos. You can also tag in your secondary partner to take over the match, giving your primary character some breathing space.

That’s it for the Project L release date, once we get more information we will update this guide. Want to know what other fighting games are worth playing in 2022? Then check out this guide.