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Project 007 brings James Bond home as IO Interactive opens UK studio

Development on Project 007 is coming to the homeland of James Bond and his creator Ian Fleming, as Hitman 3 developer IO Interactive opens its new studio.

IO Interactive brighton new studio project 007

If it isn’t already on your upcoming PS5 games list, then Project 007 definitely needs to be on there. Coming from Hitman 3 developer IO Interactive, it is an absolute match-in-heaven pairing for James Bond fans. We’ve been following the next James Bond game with a golden eye, and development on Project 007 will now gain more traction within Bond’s homeland.

IO Interactive has announced the opening of a new studio premises in Brighton, England, which sees continued work on Project 007 take place. “The core team at IOI Brighton is already in place and located in the heart of Brighton on the beautiful south coast of England,” explains the acclaimed Hitman developer.

With flexibility between its four locations, the developer expresses that its “development philosophy of working on any project from any studio means that we’re now bringing development of Project 007, the first James Bond origin story, to the UK.” Ian Fleming, the creator of the James Bond book series, was born in London in 1908. Based on his experiences in the second World War, Fleming would end up writing Bond stories at the famous Goldeneye estate in Jamaica.

IO Interactive further details that all four subsidiary studios will be “unleashing their creativity into the iconic James Bond universe, and we look forward to continuing to craft this ambitious and exciting game together with the new team at IOI Brighton.”

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Project 007 was first announced in November 2020, ahead of the release of Daniel Craig’s final James Bond movie, No Time To Die. IO Interactive still hasn’t clarified whether the game will be a modern day or book-accurate depiction of James Bond lore, but it continues to hype the promise of “the first” James Bond origin story. However, Bond fans might be confused to hear that statement.

Ian Fleming’s debut book outing for Bond, Casino Royale, has the iconic MI6 spy fresh into the field after earning his license to kill. Other entries into the James Bond pantheon, such as the Young Bond books, detail Bond’s formative years at Eton College in the 1930s. However, Project 007 offers a unique angle for Bond lore, IO Interactive says players will “earn [their] 00 status” over the course of the game. Though we doubt Project 007 will look to the Young Bond books for inspiration, there could be something incredible to be found if it does.

Project 007

It has been a fair while since a James Bond hit consoles, with the dismal 007 Legends effectively bringing Activision’s hold over the licensing to an end. However, we did get the often overlooked but excellent James Bond Bloodstone, which takes place between Quantum of Solace and Skyfall. With so many daring escapades in some of the best action movies ever, getting 00 status with the thrill of Hitman adjacent gameplay is a very captivating concept.

For now, you can get your Bond kicks in Goldeneye 007, which despite some multiplayer shortcomings, is one of the best Xbox Games Pass games in recent memory.