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New Persona 6 leak gives weight to ‘that’ Atlus paint bucket tease

A new Persona 6 leak not only reveals the color theme of Atlus’ next PS5 and Xbox RPG, but how long the upcoming installment's been in the oven for.

Persona 6 leaks color theme: Joker with his dark hair and glasses, staring forward

The Persona 6 leak machine is again firing up as we (hopefully) near developer Atlus’ inevitable reveal for the hit series’ next installment. According to a fresh report, Persona 6 is going green in color scheme – a theme initially hinted at two years ago. Additionally, the new RPG has purportedly been in the oven since 2019, lending more hope to a possible 2024 announcement for PS5 and Xbox.

“The color theme for Persona 6 is green,” reputable leaker Midori announces via Twitter. Each entry in the RPG game series is typically themed around a particular color palette. For example, Persona 3 Reload is predominantly blue, while Persona 5 Royal heavily incorporates red and black.

During Persona’s 25th anniversary celebrations, Atlus shared a slick piece of artwork featuring each game’s protagonist(s) splattered with paint. The coloration most present in each game is notably prominent, with Makoto (P3R) splashed with blue, and Joker (P5R) suitably reddened. However, one significant detail that quickly became the source of mass speculation is the bucket of green paint sitting in the corner of the image – a bucket of green paint that, it transpires, is significant after all.

Persona 6 leaks color theme: a group of high school kids with paint spattered across their uniforms

“This is the shade of green that is used in P6,” Midori says, all but confirming that Atlus has been teasing us this whole time. We know Xbox players have been enjoying the benefits of recent releases joining the list of Game Pass games on day one, but the Atlus bias towards Team Green is now clearly undeniable (for legal reasons, this is a joke).

It makes sense that Atlus would begin putting little easter eggs out there for the new PS5 game and new Xbox game, considering that it has supposedly been cooking away for half a decade now. At least, that’s what Midori says. With Metaphor: ReFantazio and Shin Megami Tensei 5 Vengeance set to drop this year, finally unveiling Persona 6 would be the cherry on top of a massive year for the developer.

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