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‘Overwatch Dad’ goes viral after getting really into his games

A video of 'Overwatch dad' went viral because of his unique playstyle

An Overwatch-playing dad has gone viral after his erratic playstyle caught the imaginations of fans across the world. But it’s not what you’re thinking – his in-game play looks pretty good, it’s his real life reactions that really catch the eye. It’s the opposite of the best esports players, who play their games with unflinching expressions like they’re playing Poker rather than PUBG, and the biggest streamers who have over-the-top, often comical, reactions.

Twitter user ‘biggestsonicfan’ shared the video of his dad playing the hero shooter, saying “He jerks around, dodging and peeking around corners. He lifts his mouse a LOT. He loses his breath…” But somehow, his dad still managed to finish in the top four.

Watching the video, his dad does physically react to what is happening on screen, trying to dodge bullets and hide behind cover. To be honest, it’s a refreshing change from the stony-faced masks of concentration that players wear in the Overwatch World Cup – although there is a lot more on the line for them, admittedly.

The dad, whom we only know as ‘Overwatch dad’ at this point, mains Lucio – apparently largely influenced by ‘Echoflex’, who calls themself “probably the best Lucio player from NA” on their Twitter account. News of Overwatch dad’s main reached Jonny Cruz, who voices Lucio, and even replied to the tweet saying he is “honored”.

As one of the biggest esports games, Overwatch has gathered millions of players and fans from all over the world, and it seems like every one of them is getting behind Overwatch dad.

His setup already looks pretty good (judging from the amount of LEDs in his case, that is), so we’d like to see him try his hand at VR. If he’s already dodging, ducking, dipping, diving, and dodging in front of a screen, we think he’d love to do the same in virtual reality.