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What do Endorsements do in Overwatch 2?

Are you curious what Endorsments do in Overwatch 2? Here is what they are for and how you can gift them out to players after matches

Overwatch 2 What Do Endorsements Do?: Mei, Tracer, Reinhardt can be seen standing in a field

Whether you are playing in causal quick play or Overwatch 2 competitive, you are probably wanting to cultivate a positive Overwatch 2 environment. And, one of the ways that can be done is through Overwatch 2 Endorsements. These are back in Overwatch 2 but have changed somewhat.

Endorsements are as they sound a way to show players your appreciation for the work and effort they put into matches. And, by using them, you may even find a new squad or teammate.

So for an overview of them, if you are asking “what do Endorsements do in Overwatch 2?” read on below.

Overwatch 2 What Do Endorsements Do?: Symmetra can be seen

What do Endorsements do in Overwatch 2?

Endorsements in Overwatch 2 are a way of showing your appreciation towards your teammates after a game. These Endorsements allow you to reward them for their play. Maybe they were a great healer, or good at keeping control of their opponents and managing enemies.

Unlike in Overwatch, though, where there were three endorsements, there is only one type in Overwatch 2 that can be handed out. In a match you get to hand out two endorsements at the end of a game to your four teammates.

Giving endorsements will occasionally provide you with small chunks of battle pass XP, allowing you to upgrade the battle pass a tad bit quicker than just focusing on game completions or completing challenges. But, it isn’t going to be a fast-track method and you can’t boost by offering endorsements to the same player over and over again in a short period of time.

Now that you have an idea of what Endorsements do in Overwatch 2, you can begin working on playing with your friends and getting some wins, whether you are playing on the same platform or utilising crossplay. If you want to find out who you should be using, then take a look at our Overwatch 2 tier list to see which heroes are currently at the top of the rankings.