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Blizzard assures Overwatch 2 players their OW1 skins aren’t lost

Overwatch 2 account merging has thrown up some issues, with players' Overwatch skins not transferring over. However, Blizzard says not to panic

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Overwatch 2 has had a rather rocky launch to say the least, with massive server queues (worsened by DDoS attacks), players getting booted from matches, and the troublesome SMS Protect system.

One of the biggest issues has revolved around the Overwatch 2 account merger, which should allow you to transfer your skins and data from the original Overwatch into the spruced up new version. However, that has not gone all that smoothly either, with players reporting missing skins and heroes being locked when they should be able to use them.

Blizzard has now revealed why these problems have occurred with this system in a new forum post, and it is reassuring players that their Overwatch skins have not disappeared into the void.

For around half of players reporting this issue, it appears that they simply have not completed their account merger (although Blizzard acknowledges that some prompts that help guide you through this process have not been displaying, due to a bug). For the other half of players, Blizzard simply claims that the process of transferring everyone’s data is “just taking longer than expected”, and that a client-side fix will be arriving next week to speed things up.

The forum post also explicitly states that “no player data has been wiped or lost” – your skins will rock up eventually, gamers, don’t worry.

Blizzard also says that it believes it has fixed the issue with heroes being unintentionally locked for those that should have them unlocked. It says that simply logging out of Overwatch and logging back in should rectify the problem.

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