Overwatch 2 voice lines reveal Sigma just really hates shoes

Overwatch 2 is chock-full of new lore and interesting interactions, but did you know that everyone's favourite tank, Sigma, really doesn't like wearing shoes?

Overwatch 2 Sigma voice line hates shoes: an image of Sigma looking angry

We know working out things like the best Overwatch 2 crosshair settings is an important part of setting yourself up for success when it comes to Blizzard’s new free shooting game, but there are some things you need to know that no guide will be able to tell you about. For example, Overwatch 2 has revealed that everyone’s favourite eccentric astrophysicist Sigma really just hates shoes.

Yes, that’s right. Overwatch 2 tank Sigma just doesn’t like wearing shoes – and, you know what, we respect it. What makes this fact somewhat amusing is that Sigma is actually one of only two Overwatch 2 heroes who doesn’t actually walk on the floor. So, realistically, he doesn’t actually need shoes.

But, one question still remains; How do we know that this strange man who has the power to control the gravitic flux of the universe doesn’t like any sort of footwear? Well, one eagle-eared Overwatch 2 fan on Reddit has noticed a hilarious pattern when it comes to some of his voicelines.

Sigma, Reaper, and Moira main ‘Spktra‘ has highlighted that quite a few Sigma voice lines are about his distaste for wearing footwear.

For example, when respawning, Sigma says “it’d be a lot more comfortable if these feet could breathe” when you have his Talon, Carbon Fiber, or Maestro skins equipped – because they all have shoes. In addition to this, when you’re nearing victory, he sometimes says “ugh, does that mean I can take these off now?”

When you kill an enemy Sigma wearing shoes while you’re playing as a Sigma without them, he will even quip “that’s on you for wearing restrictive footwear!” We knew that Overwatch 2 devs confirmed that more “derangedly specific” hidden voice lines were in this shooter, but that’s almost too specific.

While Blizzard hasn’t confirmed why exactly Sigma hates wearing shoes, there is something of a common theory among Overwatch 2 fans that explains the reason behind this is that Sigma is constantly trying to seek the familiar comfort of being barefoot during his time as Subject Sigma in a government-run asylum. If you weren’t aware, more often than not psychiatric patients are not allowed to wear shoes – or they wear slipper-like plimpsoles – due to the fear that they might cause harm to themselves or others with shoelaces.

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When Sigma was announced and subsequently added to Overwatch’s roster, there was some controversy around his character appearing to be based on mental illness stereotypes – including his lack of shoes. However, Overwatch writer Michael Chu responded with an explanation that this was not the studio’s intention, that Sigma was supposed to be focused very specifically on what happened to him – that being his entanglement with a black hole.

So, while this is far from a bad theory, we’d like to think it’s much more simple – Sigma just doesn’t like shoes. Although, as the oldest hero on the roster, he could be doing it for health reasons. We don’t think being able to manipulate gravity stops you getting circulation issues.