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Overwatch 2 devs confident they’ve nailed hero balancing in Season 1

Overwatch 2 is finally here and Blizzard is so confident that it's nailed hero balancing that it isn't going to release any balancing updates at all this season

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We know that Overwatch 2’s “refreshing” map pools should mean more regular reworks to the game’s locations, but what about this hero shooter’s characters? They are, after all, quite an important part of keeping things running smoothly. If you’re worried about all the new Overwatch 2 heroes and the balancing changes they might need, then you’ll be pleased to know that Blizzard has actually addressed concerns regarding balancing in its post-launch focused Developer Blog.

However, if you’re sitting there hoping for a set of Overwatch 2 patch notes full of balancing changes, you’re going to be disappointed. Interestingly, it turns out that Blizzard and the development team behind Overwatch 2 are actually quite happy with the balancing in the game so far.

In fact, Blizzard is so happy with the state of Overwatch 2 right now that it has seemingly confirmed that it isn’t going to introduce any sort of hero balancing updates between now and the Overwatch 2 Season 2 start date. So, if you’re thinking that someone needs a buff or a nerf, you’re going to have to wait to see that.

Where do Blizzard get off making these sorts of decisions? Well, the aforementioned Developer Blog actually reveals that “every hero on the roster has a win-rate between 45% and 55%” – a statistic that Blizzard believes is a sign that Overwatch 2 is a balanced game.

So, as explained, this has led to Blizzard confirming that it is “not planning any immediate balance changes based on what [it is] seeing”. However, instead, “[the Overwatch 2] team is planning to make a series of balance changes for Season Two that are in line with [the Overwatch 2 team’s] design goal of ensuring the overall game feels balanced and fair while giving each season a more distinct identity”.

What does this all actually mean? Well, we don’t know for sure but it sounds like we could see something a little different when Overwatch 2’s second season rolls around – which might not be universally popular. Our understanding of the end of that statement is that each season could have some sort of overbearing meta – something that we’re not sure a developer should try to create with unbalanced balancing changes.

Of course, though, we’ll just have to wait and see what Blizzard has planned for Season Two – and we don’t think we’ll find out for a little while yet. For now, though, you can look forward to Overwatch 2 double XP and free skins after the troubled launch – so it isn’t all bad.