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Overwatch 2 patch fixes Wrecking Ball, breaks Roadhog instead

The latest Overwatch 2 beta patch adds new queue time improvements, plus fixes Wrecking Ball glitch, but exposes new Roadhog ultimate glitch

The Overwatch 2 beta has received its first big patch of hero balances and bug fixes, much of which has been aimed at addressing player feedback in the past week. Following on from a recent blog post from the Overwatch development team, the patch attempts to deliver on promises such as better queue times, a refined hero balance, and new moves and abilities to make the support role more appealing to players.

As such, a highlight of the patch includes a new ability for Zenyatta, ‘Snap Kick’, which grants a significant knockback increase to the omnic monk’s regular melee attack. The move has been included as a means to address the hero’s lack of mobility and sustainability when attacked at close range and makes for a smart addition to the healer’s kit.

In a bid to ease queue times, the development team has reintroduced the quick play open queue mode, a feature that removes the role lock on teams and allows players greater opportunities to play the hero they want without having to queue. While this tactic has not seen tremendous returns in the original Overwatch game, it does allow players to more freely mess around with in-demand heroes like Sojourn.

In terms of bug fixes, this patch returns Wrecking Ball to a playable state in the beta, having previously been locked from selection due to a bug that would crash the client of whoever the hero rolled into. The issue was so prevalent in this early build of the game that the hamster has been forced to sit out the start of Overwatch League 2022 this weekend.

However, while the team has fixed one tank hero bug, they’ve seemingly introduced another – this time with changes to Roadhog’s kit. ‘Whole Hog’ – Roadhog’s ultimate – has seen significant changes to increase its utility, but according to Dexerto, players have discovered that it lacks a max fire rate, meaning the ultimate utterly obliterates everything around it with enough clicking.

Elsewhere in the patch, we can find more leg-focussed changes, including a nerf to the running speed of both Soldier: 76 and Sombra, and a buff to Sojourn’s power slide ability, as the devs try to balance recent changes to their old roster with the introduction of Sojourn’s mobility-focused kit.

There are plenty more minor hero changes on the full Overwatch 2 patch notes, particularly in regards to supports as the dev team balances the new passive healing buff recently implemented in the beta. For those attempting to access the beta, read about how the Overwatch League is offering up to 1,500 beta codes per hour over its opening weekend.