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Overwatch 2 will purge your inventory of lootboxes at launch

Overwatch 2 is planning to bin lootboxes and when that happens any existing ones you have will automatically be opened in-game for you

Overwatch 2 lootboxes opening: Lucio, Mcree, and Hanzo can be seen in a match

Blizzard announced a while back that Overwatch 2 would be getting rid of lootboxes. However, now we have learned that any existing Overwatch 2 lootboxes from the first game will be automatically opened when the sequel launches.

In an AMA on the ‘Games’ Reddit on June 22, Overwatch’s commercial lead said that ahead of Overwatch 2’s launch, “any unopened lootboxes will be automatically opened with your account receiving all the contents directly“. So, when this happens you can expect a hoard of items to suddenly be added to your inventory (provided they aren’t all duplicates).

Alongside the update on Overwatch 2 lootboxes, Blizzard also reaffirmed that Overwatch League Tokens, Competitive Points, and Credits will all come over to the sequel. However, those Overwatch 1 Credits are not the main currency in the sequel and a number of items won’t be able to be purchased with them.

Blizzard is set to hold a second Overwatch 2 beta next week on PC and consoles which will allow players to check out some of those new items available in Overwatch 2’s store and battle pass. The two main ways of getting items in the sequel.

And, with the first two seasons roadmap’s outlined, at least Overwatch 2 players will be content in knowing that the items they get are their choice, rather than randomly selected. It’s just a shame you won’t be able to keep an unopened Overwatch lootbox as a souvenir in game.