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NHL 23 early access release date, time, how to play, and more

Curious about NHL 23 early access? Here is how to play yourself on your platform of choice and what you can expect from being able to jump in early

NHL 23 Early Access: The player can be seen diving for the puck

NHL 23 is finally here after a relatively short reveal-to-release cycle. But, if you are really hungry to get some of that rink action then you can get a few extra days with the game. Those few extra days are granted with NHL 23 early access, which will unlock the entire game for those eligible.

But, how do you get NHL 23 early access? Where can you play early? Are there any limitations? This article will touch on all the information about how NHL 23 early access works.

That way you can properly decide if it is for you and is something you want to get in on. Below, you can find out exactly what EA offers with its early access program.

NHL 23 early access explained

NHL 23 early access will begin on October 11, 2022, on all platforms for those that have purchased the X-Factor Edition of the game. The release time of the early access period hasn’t been revealed yet, but it will most likely begin in the early evening in Europe, and late morning in North America.

Early Access to the game will allow you to play everything in the game, from tweaking your HUT team and checking out the NHL 23 player ratings to playing online matches with crossplay, or just simple matches by yourself against the AI. And, besides some nice bonuses with the X-Factor Edition of the game, you won’t lose out on any gameplay enhancements during the early access period either if you choose not to join.

With NHL 23 early access, you will be able to get a few extra hours to hone your skills compared to those who just buy the standard edition and have to wait until the NHL 23 release date on October 14. But, as explained above, even if you miss out, there is still a lot waiting for you come release.