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Is NHL 22 on Game Pass?

Find out if you can play NHL 22 on Xbox Game Pass or EA Play with your subscription.

Two players can be seen skating on the ice.

NHL 22 was a big upgrade for the franchise, including visual upgrades throughout the experience for enhanced realism, and Superstar X-Factor abilities that helped separate the best of the best from the rest of the team and make individual players stand out on the ice. However, no longer being the latest and greatest, is NHL 22 on Xbox Game Pass?

You can’t argue with getting one of the best sports games at no extra cost, though it can be hard to keep track of the ever-changing Xbox Game Pass games list.

Is NHL 22 on Game Pass?

Yes, NHL 22 is on Game Pass for Ultimate-tier subscribers via EA Play. The game was added to The Play List on EA Play back in May 2022, which is included with your Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

When the announcement was made, it wasn’t all that surprising. NHL games are added to the subscription like clockwork each year around April and May. For example, NHL 21 was added to EA Play and Game Pass in April 2021.

Nevertheless, that means you can blitz around the ice and enjoy all that NHL 22 has to offer at no extra cost – so long as you have Game Pass Ultimate, which is, unfortunately, the most expensive subscription tier.

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