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Ways to get Need For Speed Unbound money easily and money glitches

Are you looking for ways to get Need For Speed money easily and also any big money glitches that are in Lakeshore? Well this guide has all you need to know

Need For Speed Unbound Money Get: A player can be seen in the seat of a car

Are you jumping into Need For Speed Unbound and wanting to earn money quickly to upgrade your vehicle, build out your garage or just get your favourite car from the car list? This guide will give you some easy ways to get Need For Speed Unbound money easily in the story and multiplayer.

On top of any money glitches, there are some core ways to earn money on the Need For Speed Unbound map. The ways to earn large amounts of money do get easier as you make your way through the main story and get stuck into Need For Speed Unbound multiplayer.

Ways to get Need For Speed Unbound money easily

There are a number of key ways you can earn money quick and easily in Need For Speed Unbound. They are:

  • Complete races at meetups
  • Upgrade your car
  • Complete speed traps, speedruns and more around Lakeshore
  • Find collectibles around Lakeshore
  • Place sidebets in races

Completing races is the most basic way you will be earning money in the early game online and in the campaign but you can also take on harder races by upgrading your car and vehicle and increasing its vehicle tier. This will unlock tougher challenges and tracks around Lakeshore, with high winning prizes and sometimes higher buy-in prices as well making them a risky place to put your money.

Around Lakeshore you can also find collectibles which offer one-time cash rewards for finding them from destroying billboards and smashing through blow-up bears. But, on top of that, there are a number of side activities you can complete that offer increased cash rewards for each star you earn in them. These will require some upgraded cars though as you will need to either hit a high speed or maintain high speeds.

Finally, sidebets are a solid final way to earn a small bit of extra cash. You won’t be getting large cash payouts, but the amount here is a nice little addition to the money you can bank at the end of a day or night.

There is also currently a Need For Speed Unbound money glitch of sorts that allows you to escape cop chases and earn some money consistently for doing so. Escaping cop chases aren’t a great way to earn money but this does seem to be the best way to rack up cash fast currently. You can see a guide on what to do below from ‘Untied

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And that covers the ways to get Need For Speed Unbound money easily and fast in both the story and multiplayer. If you are looking for more guides as you play through the game be sure to stay tuned for more Need For Speed Unbound guides.