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NBA 2K24 doesn’t care about PS4 and Xbox One and The City proves it

2K is bringing a lot of new features to NBA 2K24 The City on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, but you just don't get them at all on the older generation of consoles.

NBA 2K24 The City: Kobe Bryant looking sad

Visual Concepts’ NBA 2K24 is shaping up to be one of the best sports games available this year – only if you’re on PS5 or Xbox Series X|S, anyway. In a new Courtside Report on some of the new NBA 2K24 MyCAREER features, 2K reveal that almost all of the new improvements to the mode – and the sunny beachside NBA 2K24 The City itself – are only going to be available on “New Gen” consoles. If you’re on a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you’re being left in the dirt.

That’s right, if you’re planning to pick up one of the NBA 2K24 pre-orders on PS4 or Xbox One, you might want to reconsider. Visual Concepts and 2K, though this Courtside Report, confirms that you’ll be able to “earn REP… and follow your NBA dreams along the winding streets and beautiful shores of The City” only on PS5 and new-gen Xbox consoles. This includes the new MyCAREER ‘key games’ feature, streetball games, and the new refined Affiliations: RISE and ELITE.

Throughout all of this, you’re going to be earning REP and rising from the lowly ranks of being a humble rookie to the NBA MVP – if you’re lucky – by the end of your MyCAREER. Through this system, you can earn new highly-coveted rewards, and bragging rights with your friends, in a basketball adventure that promises to be a lot of fun. Oh, did we mention that you’re only allowed to do all of this if you own a new-gen console (a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S)?

In the aforementioned Courtside Report, and throughout 2K’s informational blog posts ahead of the NBA 2K24 release date, mentions of the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game have been sporadic at best and absent at worst. This time around, the two platforms aren’t mentioned once. This leads us to believe that none of the features mentioned, and The City itself, will not be available in NBA 2K24.

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What does this mean for NBA 2K24 on Xbox One and PS4, though? Well, we don’t know for certain – you know, because 2K isn’t talking about that. However, we can imagine NBA 2K24 players will be met with a stripped-down version of MyCAREER with a lacklustre Neighbourhood that may or may not resemble the 2K23 offering. Only time will tell, but it’s certainly not going to be anything comparable to the offering on new-gen consoles.

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