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NBA 2K24 has a battle pass with “premium” rewards to flex on the court

It's one thing to be skilled at NBA 2K24 but the NBA 2K24 Pro Pass and Hall of Fame Pass will grant you some extra rewards for dominating the courts.

NBA 2K24 battle pass

Bringing the heat to NBA 2K24 is paramount to victory, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it without a little pep in your step. Aside from noting down the latest NBA 2K24 ratings, the arrival of an NBA 2K24 battle pass might be the additional content you’re looking for. A new video from developer Visual Concepts details what you can expect to get your hands on.

“The Season Pass brings you even more rewards and even more reasons to reach level 40,” the developer explains. In your journey to become of the greatest basketball players across PS5 and Xbox, Visual Concepts details that NBA 2K24 includes two different passes: the Pro Pass and the Hall of Fame Pass.

The Pro Pass brings 40 additional rewards to your Season Pass, alongside four automatic rewards that are applied to your 2K Games account. If you’re still after a little more bang for your buck, then investing in the Hall of Fame pass is probably for you. The Hall of Fame Pass gifts you everything that’s in the Pro Pass, as well as the following:

  • One additional automatic reward (total of five)
  • 10 level skips
  • 15% XP booster for the season

To expand on the NBA 2K24 Season Pass tiers further, the developer clarifies in a recent statement that “seasonal progression track will now combine MyTeam and MyCareer into one linear rewards system. Players can earn a FREE reward from both modes each time a player reaches a new level in NBA 2K24.”

You’ll have more freedom as you progress through NBA 2K24 MyCareer and NBA 2K24 MyTeam as a result, as XP is earned game-wide, similar to that of Modern Warfare 2‘s shared progression with Warzone. Prices for the different passes are also available, which you view down below.

NBA 2K24 Season Passes

Visual Concepts clarifies that players will get the chance to earn “80 rewards across MyCareer and MyTeam in each season, that are earnable for free.” Seasons are typically six weeks long, according to the developer, and you can get updated with everything you need to know about NBA 2K24 Season 1 release date and NBA 2K24 pre-orders in the meantime.