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NBA 2K23 PS4 to PS5 upgrade process explained

The NBA 2K23 PS4 to PS5 upgrade process isn't an obvious one, but this guide will go over what you need to do to make the move to current-gen

NBA 2K23 PS4 To PS5 Upgrade: Two players can be seen at the hoop

NBA 2K23 is here and it is set to bring even more enhancements and upgrades for the newest consoles. But, not everyone has them yet, so an overview of how the NBA 2K23 PS4 to PS5 upgrade process works would give players a top-down view of how they can grab a free upgrade on PS4 and PS5.

As with previous yearly releases, the process isn’t complicated. But, you will have to fork out a little bit more in order to grab that free upgrade if you plan on getting a PS5 down the line.

This article will cover which editions offer that free NBA 2K23 PS4 to PS5 upgrade and if your progress, unlocks, and more carry across between the two platforms.

NBA 2K23 PS4 to PS5 upgrade process

In order to get a free upgrade for NBA 2K23 from PS4 to PS5, you need to buy either the Digital Deluxe Edition, Michael Jordan Edition, or Championship Edition of the game.

If you buy the physical PS4 version of one of these editions, you will automatically get an accompanying digital copy of the game on PS5 through a code in the game box. If you buy the PS4 digital version, you will get entitlement to the PS5 version directly through your account, so you don’t have to take any extra steps.

This free upgrade is focused on the same console family so you won’t be able to upgrade across between Xbox and PlayStation. MyTeam crossplay and your VC wallet will be carried over between the two generations when you do this upgrade. But, any other progression won’t be. On top of that, NBA 2K23 crossplay isn’t available.

Now you know how the NBA 2K23 PS4 to PS5 upgrade process works you can dive deeper into some of the modes and systems in the game. Our other guides cover some of the key knowledge you need to know like NBA 2K23’s badges and each of the returning NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenges.