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Is NBA 2K23 crossplay and cross-platform?

Are you interested in whether NBA 2K23 crossplay allows you to play with friends across different platforms? Here's everything we know about the basketball game

NBA 2K23 Crossplay: Devin Booker can be seen in NBA 2K23

In NBA 2K23, one of the most popular game modes is MyTeam, which allows you to build your team from the ground up, going from an organization of pure rookies to one made up of all the superstar legends from basketball’s history. If you play this mode online, or just want to go head-to-head with your friends who own the game on other consoles, then you’ll want to know if NBA 2K23 crossplay allows you to matchmaking across platforms.

Read below to find out everything we know about crossplay in NBA 2K23, and also be sure to check out the latest NBA 2K23 locker codes.

Does NBA 2K23 have crossplay and cross-platform support?

NBA 2K23 does not have crossplay and cross-platform support. This was confirmed in the official FAQ for the game.

None of the previous titles in the series have had the feature. So, it isn’t entirely surprising to not see crossplay here. Cross-save across platforms will be available within the same console family, but only for your VC wallet and MyTeam progression.

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