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NBA 2K23 how to earn VC easily

Are you looking for how to earn VC Virtual Currency in NBA 2K23? Here is how you can grab it easily and fast without spending money

NBA 2K23 Earn VC Virtual Currency: A player can be seen in a street

NBA 2K23 once again brings back its controversial VC (Virtual Currency) which can either be purchased with real-money or earned in a few select ways. This article will take you through how to earn VC (Virtual Currency) in NBA 2K23 in-game, so you don’t have to spend money.

As usual, the amount you can earn in-game isn’t nearly as sizeable as what you can purchase, but doing some of these easy tasks can slowly build up your stockpile of currency. It just might take a lot longer than you would ideally like.

NBA 2K23 how to earn VC (Virtual Currency) easily

Here are all the ways you can earn VC Virtual Currency in NBA 2K23 without spending money:

  • Play matches
  • Watch NBA 2KTV and interact with the show
  • Finish quests
  • Collect your daily reward in The City
  • Play Daily Pick ‘Em in The City
  • Redeem locker codes

The easiest ways to earn VC are by simply playing matches in MyCareer and MyNBA and watching NBA 2KTV and interacting with the show. And matches outside of MyTeam give you some VC at the end of them and NBA 2KTV can be found in MyCareer or from the main menu. Answering questions and voting on polls will give you some Virtual Currency.

In addition, you can also grab Virtual Currency easily by redeeming the NBA 2K23 locker codes as and when they are made available.

The rest of the ways we know you can get VC in the game right now are all in The City. In MyCareer, you can complete quests to earn some of the currency. In addition, you can find Daily Pick ‘Em minigames around the city, which allow you to predict scores and winners of real-life NBA games. Based on your accuracy you can earn some Virtual Currency. Finally, daily rewards can be found scattered around the city and they will sometimes give you VC, in place of cosmetics and other items.

So, now you know how to earn Virtual Currency (VC) easily in NBA 2K23, you can begin exploring the various modes of the game. This includes earning the NBA 2K23 badges and the different MyNBA Eras which are in the game.