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What does Toast do in MultiVersus?

If you are playing MultiVersus you might be getting toast and wondering what to do with it. Well, this guide will cover exactly what Toast does in MultiVersus

MultiVersus What Does Toast Do?: Two pieces of Toast can be seen in the menu

Struggling to figure out what does Toast do in MultiVersus? Well, luckily you’re not alone. We have all the answers you need to stop you frantically questioning why the game keeps giving you bread at pretty much every opportunity.

Toast is one of several currencies in MutiVersus, although Toast works differently to the majority of currencies found in-game. While Gleamium and Gold are used to buy items, cosmetics, and more, the existence of Toast in game is confusing many, especially since the game rewards you with random pieces of bread as you progress further through the game’s battle pass.

So, if you are sitting there wondering what to do with all the bits of toast you have bought or earned through the battle pass, this article should have you covered. Read on to find out more about what does Toast do in MultiVersus?

What Does Toast Do In MultiVersus?

In MultiVersus, Toast doesn’t have any effect on gameplay, it is purely a currency that can be used to show respect and effectively ‘shake hands’ with your opponent to signal “good game”.

Toasting can be done from the Collection menu or the victory screen after you have one a ‘best of’ set of matches. Each Toast allows you to say good game once and if you are playing team games you can Toast both players.

Toast can be bought for 350 Gold in sets of 10. And, with how fast you can get Gold in MultiVersus, you should always have a few pieces lying around.

MultiVersus What Does Toast Do?: The screen to buy toast can be seen with a purchase option for 350 Gold

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