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More MultiVersus Taz buffs are coming and we’re afraid

There are some much-needed MultiVersus Taz buffs on the way, with game director Tony Huynh taking to Twitter to announce tweaks to the fighting game character

MultiVersus Taz buffs Season One: Taz

MultiVersus is set to give a little bit of love to Taz as part of a future update, game director Tony Huynh has announced. However, there’s currently no timeline on when we can expect the MultiVersus Taz buffs to arrive.

Taking to Twitter, Huynh says that himself and game designer Ian Rapoport have “wrapped up a pass on buffs for Taz”, and the numbers will be tested out internally from August 26. With that said, there won’t be a preview on what will be changing for the Bruiser until the developers “feel it’s close”.

Taz currently holds a middling spot in our MultiVersus tier list. The Looney Toons star originally terrorised the arena during early access, before major nerfs took the spin out of him. Even after compensatory buffs, Taz remains one of the weakest fighters in his MultiVersus class.

Hopefully, with the next round of changes, Taz will be a more viable option after the MultiVersus patch notes drop.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for another Bruiser to bash through your opponents with, we’d recommend learning the Batman combos and giving the dark knight a try.