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MultiVersus Space Jam map theme leaks, and it’s a nostalgic banger

In a new MultiVersus Space Jam map leak, community leaker Susie shares a big, brassy rendition of Quad City DJ's iconic 'Space Jam' title track as its OST

MultiVersus Space Jam map leak: Bugs Bunny wearing the Toon Squad jersey

MultiVersus is certainly looking to go big with its content output. Boasting 17 fighters – with two more on the way – and seven different maps already in the game’s open beta, developer Player First Games isn’t about to stop there. Judging from a new leak, we could soon be in for a brand new map.

As shared by community leaker ‘Susie’, the new MultiVersus map is set to be called ‘Space Jam Court’, and the OST is certainly a pleasant surprise for fans of the original 1996 film. Taking on an orchestral form of Quad City DJ’s iconic ‘Space Jam’ title track, many will be surprised by the fact that the studio didn’t opt to base it on the more recent Space Jam: A New Legacy – featuring Lebron James who himself is part of the MultiVersus roster – which released last year.

Needless to say, should the report turn out to be real, and the new map materialise, we can’t wait to take the best fighters from our MultiVersus tier list out onto the court to re-enact that famous Monstars beatdown.

You can hear the leaked OST for the Space Jam Court map below.

We can certainly imagine Space Jam Court would be quite the stage to grind the MultiVersus ranks on when its competitive mode eventually arrives – it definitely already has the potential to be one of our favourites from the OST alone.