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MultiVersus Rick release date speculation, class, gameplay, and more

Looking for an overview Rick in MultiVersus from Rick and Morty? Well, here is what you need to know including the Multiversus Rick release date

MultiVersus Rick Release Date: Rick can be seen against a blue and red background

Rick will join Player First Games’ brawler after Morty and is set to add a few unique twists to the way the game plays with a varied moveset. But, if you are looking for an overview of him in MultiVersus, including the MultiVersus Rick release date, you will want to know how he plays and what to expect from him.

Well, Rick is set to pull upon his world-travelling from the show and bring a lot of interesting abilities and attacks with him as he specialises in a mix of both close-range and long-range hits. But, that doesn’t mean he won’t be a standout character when it comes to ranking him in our Multiversus tier list.

But, if you want to know everything there is to know about Rick before you begin playing him, be sure to read through the rest of this article. We will cover the MultiVersus Rick release date, as well as his class and how he will play when you get your hands on him.

MultiVersus Rick release date

Rick’s release date in MultiVersus is set for September 27, 2022. Although a specific date wasn’t announced for a while, a developer on the game announced his arrival the day before he arrived.

After Rick, the new character additions we reckon will be followed by Black Adam and then Stripe with the former arriving in mid-October and the latter arriving in mid-November.

MultiVersus Rick Class

Rick will be a Mage class when he joins MultiVersus. This will make him only the third Mage in the game, building out that group of characters nicely a little bit more.

Three of his abilities include the “Yeah, Fart Bomb!” which allows Rick to throw a fart bomb hitting enemies upwards. The Meeseek and Destroy attack has Rick summon a Meeseek that runs forward, uppercuts, or readies a golf club. Finally, Basrick Portal Theory has Rick aim and summon up to two portals.

MultiVersus Rick Gameplay

Rick’s gameplay in MultiVersus hasn’t been shown off yet. It will most likely be revealed about a week or so before his release date.

Once we do have that trailer or some gameplay, we will update this article.

And there you have everything to know about Rick, including the MultiVersus Rick release date. With the character joining one of the best fighting games, be sure to take a glance through our MultiVersus ranks guide, which will explain how to best make use of him in ranked mode.