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MultiVersus redeem code - how it works

Are you looking for how to redeem a code in Multiversus? Maybe you went to an event or grabbed some bonus items? Here is what you need to do

MultiVersus Redeem Code: Garnet can be seen sitting in a car

If you are lucky enough to find yourself with a unique promo code for MultiVersus, chances are you will be looking for where to use it. Well, thankfully, the process of how to redeem a code in MultiVersus isn’t too tricky.

This guide will cover exactly what you need to do, and the steps you need to take so you can get your items as quickly as possible. Player First Games and WB have made the process relatively simple and there aren’t many roadblocks or sign-up pages in your way.

Continue reading below for an overview of how to redeem a code in MultiVersus. This only applies to promotional item codes or exclusive items for your collection, such as those from EVO 2022. You do not need codes to access the game as it is free to play and can be downloaded from your platform’s storefront.

MultiVersus Redeem Code – How It Works

In order to redeem a code in MultiVersus from an event or for extra cosmetics, you need to head to the MultiVersus website ‘redeem code’ page and enter your code for your exclusive items.

To input your code and have it work, you will need to have logged into your WB Games account and signed into the game at least once.

Once that code has been inputted, you can then head back to your game, on whatever platform you are on and begin playing again. Your exclusive item should be sat in your collection waiting for you upon logging in.

And, that covers all you need to know about the process of how to redeem a code in MultiVersus. For more tips, check out our guide on the MultiVersus ranks and which characters you should be using in our MultiVersus tier list.