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MultiVersus Morty can erase himself from existence

MultiVersus Morty has a range of cool abilities including the ability to teleport, but it seems like that particular ability has one fatal flaw

MultiVersus Morty teleport bug: Morty looks shy as he puts his hand behind his head

MultiVersus Morty is a new character in the platform fighter as part of the Season 1 content. Morty’s moves include a lot of sci-fi gadgets and trickery, and he can even rewind time with his Temporal Back-Up ability. However, it looks like rewinding time can be dangerous for everyone involved even with the best MultiVersus Morty perks.

Temporal Back-Up is an absurd ability that lets you place down a save point that you can return to later, and it can even be used to save teammates too, which makes it pretty powerful. However, it also looks as though it’s a little bit bugged, because right now there are a couple of video clips going around that show players instantly dying when trying to use it.

The first one we found is from ‘Spyrek300’. They posted up a video called “TIL Morty can use his rewind ability to erase himself out of the existence.” The video is pretty well titled, because while fighting Wonder Woman, Morty attempts to rewind and instead just dies on the spot, which is made far funnier thanks to the death animation being used.

While it’s easy to write that off as a single piece of bad luck, ‘NamesDead‘ posted a similar clip against Iron Giant. Once again, Morty gets into a tight spot and tries to rewind, and instead just disappears. The comments posit that he could be trying to move where the plant is, and others suggest it’s just a dodgy internet connection, but NamesDead isn’t convinced.

“The issue is with Morty’s move itself I think,” they write. “The game glitches out and puts Mortys recall point into the ground, the game can’t figure out what to do from there and in some cases just explodes Morty.”

It seems as though that’s the most logical explanation for this incredibly weird glitch, but we’d recommend keeping this in mind if you’re a Morty main trying to prove he should be at the top of the MuiltiVersus tier list.