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MultiVersus leaderboards overview and guide

Want to know how the MultiVersus leaderboards work? Here is our guide and overview to them on consoles and PC so you know what you are in for!

MultiVersus Leaderboard: Shaggy can be seen performing his ultra instinct move

Leaderboards are the pride and joy of competitive fighting game players, especially if they are trying to show off their skills in one of the best fighting games. But, in MultiVersus, Player First Games offers an extensive set of leaderboards for both the 1v1 and team modes so you can see who is in the top 30. But, what else do you need to know about the Multiversus leaderboards?

Well, the leaderboards display everyone’s individual MMR which is used to calculate their position on the board, alongside which characters are their most played. And, to show where everyone is playing, you can even see the platform their account is registered to.

So, for a full deep dive on the plusses and minuses of the MultiVersus leaderboard right now and what could change, read below through this article.

MultiVersus leaderboard

So, as mentioned, the MultiVersus leaderboard is currently split into rankings for the Teams and 1v1 modes. Only the 30 highest players are shown, in addition to your own ranking out of everyone who is playing the game.

Each player’s platform and MMR are shown. MMR is a calculation and representation of the skill of a player. Each game has its own way of calculating MMR but in MultiVersus it appears that you need to play a number of placement matches in each mode for the game to give you your own MMR calculation for the 1v1 or Teams mode.

MultiVersus Leaderboard: the leaderboard for MultiVersus can be seen

Then, playing matches, winning, and increasing your kill-to-death ratio should increase that MMR, although we don’t have a good idea of how it works in the game yet.

So there you have it. That is our overview of the MultiVersus leaderboard right now. In Open Beta form it is quite limited but we expect it to add depth and more players and details as the game expands over the coming months. If you are playing competitively, why not check out our overview of the MultiVersus ranked mode or the best characters with our MultiVersus tier list.