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Surprise! MultiVersus seems to be adding Gizmo next week

In a surprising announcement, it seems like MultiVersus is adding Gizmo next week, despite the character not even being revealed officially yet

MultiVersus Gizmo Teaser September: Gizmo can be seen inside a chest

So, you thought Rick was next to join MultiVersus? Well, so did we! But it seems like Gizmo (and possibly Stripe) is the next character coming to the action-packed fighter. And, they could be coming on September 6, next Tuesday.

In a short teaser posted on Twitter, the official MultiVersus account seemed to tease the introduction of the Gremlins character with a short in-game look. Interestingly, Stripe isn’t teased or showcased despite him being revealed back at the Season 1 launch in key art for the brawler.

But, leaked character lists for the game from dataminers had suggested that Gizmo and Stripe would be one character, similar to Tom and Jerry. This Isn’t the case as Tony Huynh confirmed the two gremlins are two separate characters.

We should hopefully find out more concrete information next week as Player First Games debut gameplay and reveal what class Gizmo (and maybe Stripe) are. Player First Games have been incredibly speedy with their character releases and many assumed that Rick would be the next person to join the game after Morty’s launch last week.

Then, the assumption was later in September and October Black Adam and Stripe would join the game. But, it seems that we can’t necessarily predict when Rick and Black Adam will be introduced during Season 1.

Either way, this is exciting and Gizmo is the first major new character to be introduced that hasn’t been leaked or known about in great detail. So, when we see them in action next week we should be in for a surprise or two.