MultiVersus’ Gizmo and Stripe could be two sides of the same coin

A new MultiVersus Gizmo and Stripe leak shows that the two Gremlins stars could come to the popular fighting game as a package deal

MultiVersus Gizmo and Stripe leak: Stripe

MultiVersus, like pretty much every other live service game, is beholden to its fair share of leaks and data mines. Recently, it was reported that Stripe of Gremlins fame would join the MultiVersus roster. Now, it looks like Gizmo the Mogwai could be joining his furry arch-nemesis, but not quite in the way many would imagine.

According to a screenshot of voiceover files shared by reputable community leaker ‘Susie’, Gizmo and Stripe will come as a duo, much in the same vein as Super Smash Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Pyra and Mythra. It isn’t clear exactly how the two will interchange, though some have already postulated ways to make it work.

For example, Twitter user ‘THE Bgremlin’ suggests that the pair could share a moveset, though with “different variables like speed and damage.” Of course, Gizmo is a tiny, fluffy beacon of light, so he could also end up with a softer version of Stripe’s abilities, or even briefly switch places with the Gremlin leader during certain combos just to make sure his counterpart isn’t doing too much damage.

Another great shout comes from ‘Jackson’, who posits that Gizmo could turn into Stripe after reaching a certain damage threshold. Of course, this isn’t canonical to Gremlins itself, but hey, this is one of the best fighting games we’re talking about so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility.

A final suggestion made by ‘Toast’ is, however, a little more true to the film. “Gizmo will probably eat candy and then turn into Stripe somehow”, they reckon.

Regardless of how this duo will materialise, it’s exciting to see Player First Games experimenting with how the studio implements its fighters.