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Does Minecraft Legends have split-screen local co-op?

Find out if you can sit by your friends and take down bases, gather resources, and save the Overworld together from the same room.

Minecraft Legends Split Screen: A player can be seen

Sadly, Minecraft Legends doesn’t support split-screen play locally. The game’s multiplayer can only be played online and each player will need to be on their own separate devices.

This will undoubtedly be disappointing to many players who were looking to jump in with their family on the couch and all gather around the screen. Minecraft is known for how it brings people together and the fact you can’t do it locally in Minecraft Legends is surprising. This is despite a varied amount of other Minecraft Legends multiplayer co-op options and modes.

There is still quite a bit to enjoy with Minecraft Legends, however as we describe in our Minecraft Legends review. The length of Minecraft Legends is around 20 hours and should keep you busy and there are a host of mounts in Minecraft Legends to get.

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