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How to unlock and get all Minecraft Legends mounts

Find your ride and explore the realm in style with our guide on all the creatures you can use to get you around and where to find them.

The Minecraft Legends campaign is set in a vast, procedurally generated world full of evil Piglins to fight and nifty secrets to discover, which is why it’s important that you can explore the realm without compromise. The randomised maps can throw up all manner of awkward terrain to manoeuvre through, but thankfully, there’s a healthy variety of Minecraft Legends mounts to be found in the wild that can help you tackle every architectural obstacle.

The mounts aren’t just good for exploring the Minecraft Legends map, either. They can help you navigate better in battle when you’re charging at Piglin bosses or retreating to build your defences. Each mount can also change how you interact with the world, providing you with dynamic options to complete the game’s most challenging missions.

How to unlock all Minecraft Legends mounts

The Minecraft Legends mounts are unlocked in the following areas:

  • Horse – Starting Mount 
  • Brilliant Beetle – Jungle biome
  • Regal Tiger – Dry Savannah biome 
  • Big Beak – Jagged Peaks biome

Mounts in Minecraft Legends are animals found in the wild (denoted by a question mark on the map) that you can tame and ride, each with its own unique traversal ability. When you begin the game, you’ll be riding a horse, which, for all intents and purposes, is a basic companion with no added abilities.

Mounts are generally found in specific biomes, and you will likely stumble into them as you explore. Once found, their habitat will show up on the map where you found them, and they’ll follow you around so you can swap between them at will. If you lose a certain mount, just head back to a village, and they’ll be waiting for you.

One thing to note is that because of Minecraft Legends’ procedurally-generated maps, the mounts can crop up in odd locations, on the fringe of biomes, or cross over into different locations. If in doubt, just keep searching, and look for the question marks – but bear in mind that this doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a mount; it may be another kind of secret to uncover.

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The humble horse is your starter mount, and it gets the job done for all intents and purposes. This classic mount is reasonably fast and great for low-ranked early-game base battles and village defence missions.

However, you may find it to be lacking in speed as you progress, which can hinder some strategies. All is not lost, though, as Minecraft Legends’ quirky interactive environmental features can bolster your horse’s abilities with helpful buffs.

For example, Speed Wheat, signified by long-stalked golden patches, gives the horse a short-term dash, and Bounce Shrooms, red-capped mushroom blocks, will add to your jump height, which is great for climbing mountains and finding unique vantage points.

Brilliant Beetle

If you’re after a way to easily scale cliffs and mountains, the Brilliant Beatle might be for you. Located in the Jungle biome, this six-legged wonder will get you where you want to go, no matter the height. Once up high, getting back to the ground is easy with its hovering function, which is great for careful descents or hunting for resources up high.

The Beetle’s climbing capabilities are great to use in dynamic battles where enemy structures are built on Netherrack pillars or nestled in the mountainous areas of the map.

Here, its ability to glide also helps reduce the risk of fall damage and allows for accurate positioning as you land. The Beetle is the best all-rounder mount for players who like to balance offensive and defensive plays.

Minecraft Legends Mounts: A mount can be seen being used


Regal Tiger

The Regal Tiger is the fastest mount of the bunch and makes exploration and resource hunting a breeze. Found in the Dry Savannah biome, this purple-striped cat can easily navigate the map’s flatlands quicker than anything else in your arsenal.

In battles, the Regal Tiger is a great companion when dashing between the action and your mob spawners on the edge of the base, allowing you to get on the offensive quickly or restock your army. The Tiger can also use Bounce Shrooms to scale heights and support the mobs as they get to work dismantling the Piglin’s efforts.

Beware, though, unlike fellow mounts, the Big Beak and Brilliant Beetle, falling from great heights can end in heavy damage and tragedy. If you’re an aggressive player looking to overwhelm the Piglins with quick rounds of mobs, the Regal Tiger is a great option.

Big Beak

Hidden in the Jagged Peaks biome, the Big Beak is a rainbow parrot perfect for getting eagle-eye views of enemy bases and finding the weaknesses in your own defences. After climbing up high, the best way to use this vibrant bird is to glide over the map, providing a handy overview so you can make smart tactical decisions with all the information available.

During raids, the Big Beak’s oversight is really helpful when trying to spot weak points in your own structures and attack groups, giving you the ability to patch them up before any real damage can be done.

In battle, having a vertical advantage enables you to find and target specific Piglin Structures early, too. The Big Beak is a great pick if you’re a defensive player who wants to gather intel and increase the protections around your Homesteads and Villages prior to battles.

Minecraft Legends Mounts: A mount can be seen being used

How to fast travel with mounts in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends features a fast travel mechanic, letting you hop between the Well of Fate and specific Villages by selecting the location on the map. While Homesteads and Bases cannot be travelled to with this function, players can add additional waypoints to their game by way of the Wellhouse structure.

Once you’ve found all of the Minecraft Legends’ mounts, you’ll be able to explore your unique map from its highest peaks to its deepest ravines, evading Piglins at every turn. Not just for travel, these mounts can help you get to important vantage points or speed around base perimeters, giving you the tactical advantages you need when facing up against the game’s most fearsome fortresses.

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