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Minecraft Legends resources – where to find all crafting materials

Build to your heart's content with our guide outlining all of the core components of crafting and supporting your army in the Overworld

Minecraft Legends Resources: A Piglin can be seen

Gathering all Minecraft Legends resources involves exploring the land for all kinds of blocks and using your trusty Allays to collect them. When you start out, you will only be able to gather stone and wood; however, as you progress and unlock improvements via the Minecraft Legends upgrade system, you’ll open the world up around and be able to harness all of the different resources hidden within it, from Coal to Diamonds.

If you’re looking for all resources and crafting materials and where to find them, then look no further. This guide will cover how to gather every resource in Minecraft Legends, and we’ll also show you where to find each crafting material so you can put together structures, summon the best mobs and finally take down those pesky Piglins.

Minecraft Legends resources

The Minecraft Legends resources are:

  • Wood – Found in any Biome
  • Stone – Found in any Biome
  • Iron – Found in Fatelands, Forests and Dry savannah
  • Coal – Found in Meadow and Badlands
  • Diamonds – Found in Tundra and Jagged Peaks
  • Redstone – Found in Swamp and Jungle

Resources are an integral part of Minecraft Legends, and managing your individual crafting materials can mean the difference between a successful attack and an overt failure. But, if you keep an eye out when roaming the wild and focus on developing specific gather-focused improvements, you’ll have everything you need and more in no time. 

Minecraft Legends Resources: The resources menu can be seen


Cure Netherrack will appear in your gathering hotbar once you build the Improvement: Cure Netherrack upgrade at the Well of Fate, your central hub. While you can’t use it to build anything, the ability to clean up the world is just as important as gathering coal or diamond.

If you’ve been in battles, you’ll know that you can’t build on Netherrack, the gross reddish domain of the Piglins. This not only causes you to run back and forth to spawn mobs but also means you can’t construct offensive structures like Redstone Launchers within range of enemy bases. This is where Cure Netherrack shows its value.

Creating buildable space closer to the action allows you to take the upper hand and avoid losing expensive mobs like Creepers on the field. Another improvement that works well with Cure Netherrack is Abundant Allays which will increase the surface area you can cover in a shorter time.


Prismarine is one of the most essential resources in the game as it powers all of your Improvement upgrades. You earn this precious resource by taking down Piglin structures wherever you find them.

However, it’s important to know that you’ll need to run around the area and collect it manually after you destroy a base, as Prismarine has a limited pickup time and will just vanish if you’re not quick. If you want to be efficient, taking down every structure in a base in sequence will ensure a massive Prismarine payout.

As mentioned in our best upgrades guide, increasing your storage is crucial to collecting lots of Prismarine. With Prismarine being so precious and dropping in such large amounts during boss battles and raids, the Allay Storage Upgrade gives you an additional +150 Prismarine to collect that will make a huge difference as you scale up and unlock more improvements.


Lapis is the backbone of your army and essential to giving your mobs life. This resource fuels the Flames of Creation, and you can find it in various locations across the map. The main way to farm Lapis is through battling the Piglins. Once defeated, blue gemlike shapes will drop from those pesky enemies. Taking on roaming groups of piggies in the wild is also a good way to stock up on Lapis so you can spawn your favourite mobs at your leisure.

An alternate method for collecting Lapis is through village treasure chests. Visit your villages and you’ll find the village chest around the focal fountain. These chests will periodically fill up with resources as you play, so you should check in regularly to stock up. It also means it’s worth defending your villages to maintain your Lapis supply, as they can be lost to Piglin raids.

Secret chests will also randomly populate the map and are ripe for the picking when you’re out and about. If you’re near one, you’ll see a chest icon pop up on your compass; follow that marker, and you’ll be rewarded with loot.


Gold is a Piglin’s best friend, so it’s fitting you will always find this resource around them. Used for building Wellhouses and harvesting tower cores, Gold can be found by destroying Piglin structures or in precious Piglin Chests. Much like Prismarine, if you want to maximise your return, you’ll need to pick apart bases one building at a time.

Piglin Keys

If a golden Pig-shaped chest has ever beckoned you, you will likely have received a frustrating pop-up explaining you’ll need a Piglin key to get in. While irritating at first, these precious commodities aren’t too hard to come by and simply require some friendly mobs and world exploration.

Piglin Keys drop after fights with bosses and larger Piglin units, so there’s a fair chance you may pick some up without even knowing. If you are on the hunt, though, grab your strongest allies and head out to take down every enemy group you can find. The roaming Piglins in the wild are your best bet, and if you take on enough of them, a key will drop.

Tower Cores

Across the realm, you can discover an array of intriguing towers that, when investigated, show off incredible powers you can leverage against the Piglins. To go any further, you’ll need to build the Tower Core Improvement at the Well of Fate, which allows you to harness the cores from these towers and rebuild them elsewhere.

Harnessing the cores will come at an additional cost of gold, so make sure to keep some in your inventory before heading to the towers. As you explore, your compass may throw up a golden question mark; following this may lead to any number of things, from mounts to towers and treasure chests.

The types of Towers are:

  • Stun – Sends sonic waves to stun nearby Piglins
  • Blast – Fire projectiles to knock back and damage enemies
  • Frost – Fires icy projectiles at enemies that will slow them

How to gather resources in Minecraft Legends

You’ll need to access the gather menu option to collect resources in Minecraft Legends. To do this, press Z on your keyboard or tap up on the D-pad of your controller. The hotbar at the bottom of the screen will show you all the resources you can harvest.

As we mentioned earlier, the more resource improvements you unlock, the more resources you’ll be able to gather. You don’t start the game with access to Coal or Diamonds, but you can choose to unlock it, which is a no-brainer if you want access to everything the open world has to offer. If you’re looking for more help with improvements, check out our best upgrades in Minecraft Legends guide here.

Minecraft Legends Resources: A person can be seen on the map gathering resources

Once you’ve used the bumpers or your mouse wheel to select the resource you want to mine, all you need to do is to right-click on PC to summon the Allay gathering cursor, and then left-click to drop the box, and the Allay will gather the resource for you. On the controller, pull the left trigger to summon the cursor, and tap the right trigger to gather the resource, provided you’re actually covering an area that includes the resource you want to gather.

When setting the box down, you may notice a red aura; this means there is none of the desired resources in the area of your box. When you run over a space that does feature your desired resource, the aura will turn green, signifying it’s time to drop the box.

Minecraft Legends Resources: A person can be seen on the map gathering resources

Once you unlock every resource in Minecraft Legends, you will also receive the Gather All command, which will grant you the ability to gather everything without having to pick a specific resource in the hotbar, which is very useful.

Hopefully, you know more about all Minecraft Legends resources and crafting materials and where to find them now. But, if you’re looking for more on Minecraft Legends, like how to get around the map or access certain areas check out our all Minecraft Legends mounts and how to get them guide as well as our overview of the Minecraft Legends map.