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Minecraft Legends best upgrades – the top improvements

Find out how to demolish the Piglins with self-improvement in our guide to the top unlocks as you are making your way through the game.

Minecraft Legends Best Upgrades: A player can be seen

The top unlocks in Minecraft Legends can mean the difference between a safe realm full of happy mobs and a total Piglin takeover. Throughout Minecraft Legends’ campaign, your hero will face up against a series of oinking hordes from the Nether, each with their own unique challenges to overcome. Never fear, though, as the game’s upgrade system can provide the upper hand even when it feels that all is lost.

Committing to improvements at the Well of Fate can increase your capabilities in battle and outside of it, with buffs to gathering and building available for those with enough resources to improve their skills. It’s worth noting that while Minecraft Legends is a strategy game, there is no right way to play due to its dynamic open-world nature, so exploring what you like and finding upgrades that support your playstyle will be the real key to success in this tactical adventure.

Minecraft Legends best upgrades

The best upgrades and improvements in Minecraft Legends are:

  • Allay Storage
  • Gather Resources
  • Shared Village Chests
  • Large Flames of Creation
  • Banner

Minecraft Legends Best Upgrades: The central well can be seen

Allay Storage

Building defences and battling armies in Minecraft Legends can get expensive fast, and running away from the fight is, at best frustrating and tedious. The Increased Allay Storage improvement is a great way to get an edge on all future battles by increasing your carrying capacity, and it makes for a great choice in the early game.

Costing only 100 Stone, 100 Prismarine, and 10 Gold, this simple upgrade gives you a higher cap on your Wood and Stone resources, as well as Lapis, Prismarine and Gold. Having these early boosts makes building defences and spawning helpful mobs so much more convenient, so you can spend more time plotting and fighting and less time out in the sticks gathering.

This is also a smart option early because of the boost in Prismarine capacity, which adds to the number of upgrades available. It means you can reap more Prismarine, Lapis and Gold from the early Piglin battles, so you’re getting more bang for your buck throughout the campaign.

Minecraft Legends Best Upgrades: A player can be seen

Gather Resources

Being able to gather more of each resource in Minecraft Legends will open up the world and allow you to craft upgraded structures, spawn groups of complementary mobs for battles and boost your overall tactical creativity.

Much like increasing your storage, building the improvements for each specific resource is something you can focus on early to reap the benefits all campaign long. Each improvement will cost 100 stone and 100 Prismarine and initially unlock new buildable structures, so it’s a no-brainer to at least sink one upgrade into each resource ASAP.

However, each additional Gather ‘Resource’ improvement you build will increase that resource’s storage by 150. For example, if you love storming the Piglins with Creepers, placing additional Gather Coal structures will allow you to bring more firepower to a tough base.

Minecraft Legends Best Upgrades: A player can be seen fighting

Shared Village Chests

Throughout Minecraft Legends, you will be saving villages from Piglin armies to defend the land and you can access their handy chests of goodies as a reward. Each Village is equipped with a fountain at its centre, which houses the individual village chest that can be periodically pillaged for some resources.

Every village will generate Wood, Stone and Lapis as well as another randomised resource. The Shared Village Chest improvement makes this process easier by linking all of the shared chests, meaning you won’t need to fast travel to a specific village if you need more Redstone, let’s say.

This improvement does run at a cost of 100 Stone, 100 Prismarine, 25 Iron, 25 Coal, 25 Diamond and 25 Redstone, which you will earn back in no time with the linked chests.

Minecraft Legends Best Upgrades: a player can be seen making a tower

Large Flames of Creation

The Flames of Creation is a resource that decides how many mobs you can spawn at any given time. Early on, you can only spawn 10mobs at once. However, as you progress, you might find yourself wanting to take a more aggressive stance in battles, and you’ll need extra troops to get the job done against the more formidable fortresses on the map.

The Large Flames of Creation improvement adds ten more spawnable mobs to your lineup at the cost of 400 Stone, 400 Prismarine, and 100 Gold, which is expensive but well worth saving up for. You can use this improvement multiple times to bolster your armies, and it’ll certainly make your life easier throughout the campaign.

Minecraft Legends Best Upgrades: A player can be seen rallying troops


In Minecraft Legends, you rally and control your troops via a banner that appears in an area around your hero. However, there are only so many troops you can rally at once.

The Banner improvement increases your radius of control, letting you control an extra 15 mobs with each improvement, making back-and-forth trips to your spawners on the edge of battle a thing of the past. This improvement will only become necessary as you increase the size of your army, so focusing on the Flames of Creation improvements first is a must.

How to buy upgrades in Minecraft Legends

Maps may look different from game to game. But, each player will find their home at the Well of Fate, a mother base which not only houses the phantom quest givers but is also where your hero can upgrade their abilities and buy upgrades in Minecraft Legends.

In Minecraft Legends, upgrades are called Improvements. Each improvement will cost a different number of specific resources to build, and you can check these amounts in the menu prior to adding them to your hotbar. Specifically, every improvement involves an amount of Prismarine, which is gained from destroying Piglin structures.

Minecraft Legends Best Upgrades: The best improvements can be seen

Some improvements will only be available once you unlock certain resources by progressing through the campaign, so if you can’t find something on our list, you might have to press on and unlock every resource first. To access the improvements submenu, hit R on your keyboard or Right Click on an Xbox controller. Using your mouse to click or the bumpers to scroll, look for the tab denoted by the Well of Fate icon. Here you will find all of the improvements available to you.

To add the improvement to your hotbar, click with your mouse or press A on the controller, then click or hit A again in the hotbar once you’ve found a spot for it. Now that it’s in your hot bar, you can exit the menu and look for the smaller fountains on every side of the Well of Fate.

For PC players, press V and use your mouse wheel to scroll through the hotbar to select your improvement. Right-click on your mouse to bring up the build cursor, and once you’ve got a spot, left-click to build. On Xbox, you will need to hit right on the D-Pad and use the bumpers to scroll and select the improvement. Holding the Left Trigger will bring up the building, and once you’ve found a spot for it around the fountains, press the Right Trigger to commit. Once built, the improvement will be in effect.

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You may notice a blue border when building the improvements around the fountains. This is the only place you can add your improvements, so if you’re running into trouble, ensure you’re building close enough to the centre of each fountain and that they aren’t completely full. If so, move on to the next one!

As you can see, the best upgrades in Minecraft Legends can give you an edge, though it’s worth mentioning, like with all the best real-time strategy games, finding a way to play that is fun for you is the most important thing about the experience. Any improvement can be leveraged depending on your approach, so use this as a baseline and feel out your tactics as you tackle the Piglins. For more on Minecraft Legends, check out our guide on All Minecraft Legends mounts and how to find them, and more in our Minecraft Legends walkthrough.