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Minecraft Legends map, map size, biomes

If you want to know more about the Minecraft Legends map, here’s everything you need to know including the map size and different biomes you can explore.

Minecraft Legends map: Hero in Minecraft Legends building base and looking at the screen

Exploring the world of Minecraft is one of the most exciting things about the sandbox game, and considering it takes the IP into the action strategy genre, many of you are likely wondering about the Minecraft Legends map. Fortunately, we’ve had quite some time with the latest Minecraft game.

During our Minecraft Legends review playthrough, we got to experience everything the latest game from Mojang had to offer. So hop on your favourite Minecraft Legends mounts and ask a friend to tag along with Minecraft Legends multiplayer co-op as we give you the rundown on the world you’ll need to explore.

Minecraft Legends map

The Minecraft Legends map is procedurally generated, meaning each time a player starts a new game, it creates a whole new world to explore. Each time you play a new save or mode of Minecraft Legends, a new map will be created. The map layout, shape, and points of interest will change and be randomly generated each time.

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That does mean that, unfortunately, we can’t point you in the best directions to explore. However, you’ll have a unique version of Minecraft Legends for your own adventure to take you. Fortunately, every player will see similar biomes in their own version of Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends biomes

The different Minecraft Legends biomes in each map are:

  • Forest
  • Swamp
  • Jungle
  • Meadow
  • Tundra
  • Badlands
  • Dry Savanna
  • Jagged Peaks
  • Fatelands (Well of Fate)

Since the map is procedurally generated, the size, amount, and layout of each biome will change every time you play a new campaign or mode of Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends map size

Minecraft Legends is a lot smaller than standard Minecraft, but it will take a couple of minutes to go from one side of the map to the other. Of course, that varies depending on the map shape and where your starting point is, but as a general rule, each world isn’t too large that you can’t make it to an enemy base with a short trip.

That’s everything you need to know about the Minecraft Legends map, including the map size and all biomes you can find in each world. Make sure to check out our Minecraft Legends walkthrough to learn more about the different systems in the game, or check out the Minecraft Legends modes guide to see what to play next.