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Minecraft Legends length - how long to beat

If you’re wondering how long you’ll be playing this action strategy game on consoles and PC, especially the campaign mode, look no further.

Minecraft Legends length: Piglins preparing to invade the Overworld in Minecraft Legends cinematic

The Minecraft Legends campaign length is around 20 hours. The time it takes to beat can vary depending on how quickly you can deal with events in the open world, as well as what difficulty you set the game to. Also, picking out the Minecraft Legends best upgrades can make things a lot easier and quicker to complete.

Thanks to Minecraft Legends multiplayer co-op and a procedurally generated Minecraft Legends map, playing through the campaign again won’t change the overall narrative or gameplay, but it will change your strategy and tactics each and every time. Not only that, but you can also play PVP modes or the Myths and Legends mode that gives you unique experiences and free rewards.

Of course, if you’re simply looking to play Minecraft Legends by yourself, you’ll likely play the campaign one or two times through. However, if your friends are on other platforms, you can always form a party thanks to Minecraft Legends crossplay, which will allow you to team up with those not playing on your console of choice.

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If none of your friends are buying a copy of the game, you could always try to convince them into buying an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Not only will they be able to play Minecraft Legends while avoiding paying the full price, but they’ll also have access to all Xbox Game Pass games while they’re subscription is active. Definitely worth doing, in my opinion.

That’s all you need to know about the Minecraft Legends length and how long the game is to beat. If you need help saving the Overworld, you can check out our Minecraft Legends walkthrough which offers plenty of guides to help you become the hero you’re meant to be.