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Minecraft Legends deluxe edition vs standard - which is better?

Find out which edition of the Minecraft spinoff is right for you wand what bonueses are on offer with each version across PC and console.

Minecraft Legends Deluxe Edition vs Standard: A player can be seen

At a glance, the Minecraft Legends deluxe edition is the better version of the game as it comes with four different skins for your mount, as well as an exclusive hero skin for your character. The standard edition of the game doesn’t include those cosmetics. However, you will pay more for this version of the game.

It isn’t a huge deal if you didn’t buy the Deluxe Edition though as you can actually pick up the Deluxe Skin Pack from your console storefront. This allows you to get these skins after buying the game. But, they will cost you a little bit more than if you just bought the pricier edition of Minecraft Legends.

It is up to you really whether some skins move the needle for you to purchase the more expensive version of the game. But, if you are looking to get everything in the game, or impress your friends in Minecraft Legends multiplayer, then you may consider it to be worth the extra money.

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Now that you have decided to jump in and found the edition for you, you can begin seeing what the game has to offer. This includes a pretty extensive campaign that makes the Minecraft Legends length about 20 hours. There are also a number of characters to meet during that playthrough, all voiced by people you may recognise in the Minecraft Legends voice actors list.