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Marvel’s Midnight Suns unlock cards – how to get more

Get an overview of how to unlock and get more cards and abilities for all the heroes in Marvel's Midnight Suns to build out your deck for each one

Marvel's Midnight Suns Unlock Cards: Tony Stark can be seen

Are you getting stuck into the early hours of Firaxis’ latest and wondering how you unlock and get more cards and abilities in Marvel’s Midnight Suns? Well, this article will give you the answer to that question with details on all heroes.

While early on you will only have access to a limited roster of the Marvel’s Midnight Suns characters, your lineup will very quickly expand and ensuring you are constantly getting new abilities for all your heroes is key to building great decks and builds for them. So, below you can find those core actions you should take to make the world’s mightiest heroes even more mighty in combat.

How to unlock and get more cards and abilities in Marvel’s Midnight Suns?

There are three key ways to unlock and get more cards and abilities for your heroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. These are:

  • Open Gamma Coils from mission completions
  • Complete Hero Ops
  • Craft blueprints via research with the Book of Vishanti

The earliest and easiest way to get new abilities and cards is introduced early in the game. All you need to do is head to Tony at the Forge and allow him to open Gamma Coils you find when completing missions. You will usually get one at the end of most missions.

Then, as you progress deeper into the game you will be able to send heroes out on Hero Ops. Getting Intel and then sending individual heroes out on these operations can result in them returning with a new ability.

Finally, after you level up your Research Level with Doctor Strange, you will eventually be introduced to Blueprints. Once completing the mission chain with Doctor Strange you will unlock the Book of Vishanti which allows you to craft additional cards.

And there you have it, those are the key ways to unlock and get more cards in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Overall, you will come across these methods quite easily and naturally as you are playing, so you won’t have to put in too much work. If you are looking for more information on Marvel’s Midnight Suns, including if your hard work will carry with you to a new playthrough, check out our guide on the Marvel’s Midnight Suns new game plus mode.