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Marvel’s Midnight Suns new game plus explained

If you are looking for an explained on everything there is to know about the Marvel's Midnight Suns new game plus mode then this is the article for you

Midnight Suns New Game Plus: Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Scarlet Witch can be seen

Are you wondering if a Marvel’s Midnight Suns new game plus mode is featured in the strategy game from Firaxis? Well, let us take you through what options you have after beating the story of the game to continue enjoying the combat and characters in the game.

With a lot of missions and combat for you to really sink your teeth into as you play, Marvel’s Midnight Suns will take you dozens of hours to beat. But, if you want to try out the different heroes and form your own Marvel’s Midnight Suns character tier list, the addition of a new game plus mode would really help with letting you speed up the progression in subsequent playthroughs after your initial run.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns new game plus

Marvel’s Midnight Suns does have a new game plus mode which is unlocked after you complete the main story. New Game Plus allows you to start a new campaign with all your unlocked heroes and cosmetics, retain your friendship levels, with hero requirements from research projects removed, and all regions with all villains and mission types available throughout the whole campaign. As expected from Firaxis’ games, this is an extensive New Game Plus system.

However, you don’t get to bring over everything. For example resources, hero levels, Abbey upgrades, and any abilities you have won’t carry over to the next playthrough. In addition, your research also won’t carry over but the requirements mentioned above are removed.

So if the length and time to beat Marvel’s Midnight Suns isn’t enough for you, you can do it all over again this time with a bit of a speedier progression curve as you engage with the combat system and build decks for your heroes.

That covers Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ new game plus mode. If you are jumping in and want an overview of the game before you start then our list of the Midnight Suns characters is the article for you as we take you through everyone you can play as.