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Marvel’s Midnight Suns length - how long to beat

Leading an army of superheroes against Lillith may take some time, but what is Marvel's Midnight Suns length and how long will it take to beat?

Marvel's Midnight Suns length: Doctor Strange in Marvel's Midnight Suns

Taking on the forces of evil is no easy task, and the Marvel’s Midnight Suns length may prove that it’s also a time-consuming mission too. As The Hunter, you’ll be joining a team known as the Midnight Suns in an effort to defeat Lillith, Mother of Demons, who is also (unfortunately) your mother in the game.

You’ll be able to spend a lot of time with the full roster of Marvel’s Midnight Suns characters during the runtime of the game, but it won’t be a quick game to play through. This play time can extend even further when you take into account all of the Marvel’s Midnight Suns difficulty modes. However, if you’re ready to embrace a long game, this could be a good game to pick.

How long to beat Marvel’s Midnight Suns?

Marvel’s Midnight Suns could take you as long as 90 hours to beat, according to Franchise Producer Garth DeAngelis in a recent developer livestream. It’s worth noting that DeAngelis also mentions that these were playtesters, and that the time above doesn’t include “all of the additional content”. But, most general playthroughs will probably sit around 40-60 hours.

It may sound like a long time, but playtesters have to play and mess around with a variety of features to make sure the game is in a working state at launch. As such, it could be that the playtime above is longer than an average player, but this doesn’t sound too out of the ballpark for Firaxis’ games and our time with the game for our Marvel’s Midnight Suns review.

If you were looking forward to the game, but the Marvel’s Midnight Suns game length puts you off, you may be wondering if Marvel’s Midnight Suns is on Game Pass or if you have to put down your money. If you are looking for more information, check out our list of the Marvel’s Midnight Suns voice actors and cast to see who plays your favourite heroes.