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Is Marvel’s Midnight Suns on Game Pass?

Are you wondering is Marvel's Midnight Suns on Game Pass? Well, look no further as we have the answer as to where you can play the game

Midnight Suns Game Pass: A player can be seen

Are you wondering is Marvel’s Midnight Suns on Game Pass? Well, this article will have the answer for you and let you know all the ways and places you can play Firaxis’ latest massive strategy game.

With a host of familiar Marvel’s Midnight Suns characters and a dynamic card-based combat system, the game has quite a bit to offer. As such, the experience will have dozens of hours of gameplay from cutscenes in The Abbey to side missions and objectives for you to complete. But, do you have to put your money down to get all that?

Is Marvel’s Midnight Suns on Game Pass?

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is not available on Game Pass at launch. The only way you will be able to play the game is by purchasing one of the different editions on Xbox or PC.

It is unlikely that Midnight Suns will come to Game Pass anytime soon after its initial release as 2K haven’t been huge supporters of the service. Only a few of their sports games have gone to Game Pass after launch and that was around seven or eight months after its release date. So, there is a tiny chance Midnight Suns may come to Game Pass, but if it does, don’t expect it until Fall 2023 or later.

Now you know if Marvel’s Midnight Suns is on Game Pass. Whether you are jumping in now or just looking to know who voices your favourite character, from Ghost Rider to Nico, then our Marvel’s Midnight Suns voice actors and cast list have what you need.