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Spider-Man 2 evolves on this excellent Sunset Overdrive feature

Peter and Miles can traverse New York City with new moves in Spider-Man 2, one of which evolves from a mechanic last seen in Sunset Overdrive.

Spider-Man 2 web swing water glide sunset overdrive

If you thought the addition of web wings was cool in Spider-Man 2, then that is just the tip of the iceberg for the upcoming PS5 game. Combined with all the enticing Spider-Man 2 suits to wear, recent previews of the game reveal that a movement mechanic from Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive will be evolved for Peter and Miles.

Aaron Espinoza, senior community manager for Insomniac, details on social media that “one of my favorite new traversal additions in Spider-Man2 is how you can glide across [the] water.” Illustrating this with an example of gameplay, Espinoza adds “you may have heard it discussed in a few preview vids yesterday. Some Insomniac history for you: it’s similar to water dashing in Sunset Overdrive!”

Spidey fans are quick to ask Espinoza more about the feature, with ‘YYoflamingo’ inquiring: “Wait so do you need to hang on the web while doing it? And can you use this to travel to different boroughs?” While they don’t offer a fully detailed response, Espinoza’s quick reply says “No. Yes.” Excitingly, this sounds like you’ll be able to utilize structures like bridges or buoys when making your over the water to the game’s new areas, Brooklyn and Queens.

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Courtesy of YouTuber ‘Art Izon’, you can see what gliding in Sunset Overdrive is above, if you never played the Xbox hit. Although the clip above shows how gliding can be exploited, it is still a great indication of how Miles and Peter will be able to maintain momentum while swinging. Sadly, Insomniac is yet to release any footage of the new travel feature in action in Spider-Man 2.

However, the good news is that there are 10 whole minutes worth of new gameplay to dissect. YouTuber ‘Immersive Street’ collates all of the fresh footage released after the recent previews, which includes a look at Kraven and Peter facing off, an action-packed boss battle with The Lizard, and more. We’ve got that ready for you to watch below.

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While you may know about the deep Marvel history behind Kraven The Hunter or The Lizard, Insomniac has more up to reveal with all the Spider-Man 2 villains. So in the meantime, check out your Spider-Man 2 pre-order options to get your hands on exclusive suits and other goodies.