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Xbox Game Pass inductee Lords of the Fallen gets new boss rush update

A new Lords of the Fallen update has arrived to mark its arrival on Xbox Game Pass, and the Clash of Champions patch brings two new boss rush modes to the game.

Lords of the Fallen update Clash of Champions Xbox Game Pass: a skeletal beastie next to the Game Pass logo

It’s a big day for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, as CI Games’ revitalized soulslike, Lords of the Fallen, has finally landed on the service. While April’s major Master of Fate update marked the end of the studio’s extensive post-launch roadmap, it isn’t done adding new features yet. To mark the game’s Game Pass debut, a surprise Lords of the Fallen update, Clash of Champions, is adding two new boss rush modes for us to dive into.

Dubbed ‘Echoes of Battle’ and ‘Crucible,’ it’s fairly easy to figure out what CI Games is angling for with each of the soulslike game’s new modes. Echoes of Battle will let you re-challenge felled foes, while the more challenging Crucible will pit you against “six increasingly challenging trials of pre-selected bosses that must be overcome without dying” – sign me up. For overcoming the Crucible, Shrine Currency and “exclusive new armor tincts” will await you. Both modes can be accessed via Vestiges.

“We’re extremely excited to greet this new wave of Lampbearers with the surprise release of our ‘Clash of Champions’ update, which includes the all-new boss rush modes as requested by our community,” executive producer Saul says as part of the update’s accompanying press release. The update is also set to ship further performance improvements.

Lords of the Fallen update Clash of Champions Xbox Game Pass: a rundown of all the bosses in the new modes

Lords of the Fallen’s induction into the list of Xbox Game Pass games was announced earlier this month as part of a bumper 11-game lineup spearheaded by Hellblade 2. After months of updates to make it the best game it can be, the version Game Pass subs are being treated to is so much better than the one that received a paltry 6/10 in our Lords of the Fallen review last year.

Gascon says CI Games is “delighted to welcome the many new players exploring Lords of the Fallen’s dual worlds for the very first time thanks to the game’s addition to the incredible Game Pass library.” I’d be too if I knew my game was about to arrive as one of the best Xbox Game Pass games – seriously, it’s really that good now, and this new boss rush update is just the cherry on top.

To find out more about the other games that turned up on Game Pass this month, including peak puzzler Humanity which also became available today, then check out our new Xbox Game Pass games guide. Before you go, don’t forget to drop our Google News feed a follow – you’ll be the first to know as soon as the next batch of games are announced.