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League of Legends patch notes 13.5 ensure Ashe mains don’t lose Focus

There are major changes to a number of champions coming with the League of Legends patch notes 13.5, though one champion has escaped a much bigger overhaul.

League of Legends patch notes 13.5: Ashe

League of Legends patch notes 13.5 have nearly been finalised, and with major changes coming to champions Azir, LeBlanc, and Yuumi, as well as experience adjustments in the jungle, players will want to swot up on everything coming in the popular MOBA game’s next version. Fortunately, for Ashe enjoyers, the changes won’t be quite as heavy as previously intended.

Sharing the initial change list on Twitter, Summoner’s Rift lead Matt ‘Phroxzon’ Leung-Harrison notes that Qiyana will also be receiving buffs on 13.5, despite not appearing on it.

Up until February 27, Ashe was set to have the active part of her Ranger’s Focus ability removed, with the Focus mechanic replaced with a simple cooldown. However, the studio has pulled a 180 on the change, instead lowering the mana cost and increasing its duration to boost its power.

Explaining the change on Reddit, game designer David ‘Phreak’ Turley says that “a lot of established Ashe players expressed that they like its [Ranger Focus’] unique style, and ultimately there’s no need to be risky here”, despite his personal desire to remove the mechanic.

You can check out the change list below, or head over to the patch thread on Reddit to learn more about the tweaks currently on PBE.

League of Legends patch notes 13.5: change list

Phroxzon also says that, from patch 13.6, developer Riot Games will be shifting its patch focus away from the LoL ranks to balance around May’s LoL Mid-Season Invitational. As such, we can expect a similar ethos to what we saw at LoL Worlds last year.