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LoL patch 13.13 notes see Riot make shocking nerf to Statikk Shiv

The LoL patch 13.13 notes preview has finally arrived, and overperformers like Statikk Shivv and Rek'Sai are set to be cut down to size by developer Riot Games.

LoL patch 13.13 notes: LeBlanc

The League of Legends patch 13.13 notes preview has been revealed by developer Riot Games, and the hit MOBA game’s flavor of the month item is getting a swift chop to its stats.

Granting illegal levels of waveclear to its most fervent users, such as LeBlanc, Zoe, and Ezreal, Statikk Shiv has quickly risen to prominence within the LoL ranks. Thanks to its Electroshock passive, the item is able to zap and blitz entire waves as champions building it stack up AP. The item has even shown up in League of Legends’ pro scene to devastating effect.

Now, on LoL patch 13.13, Riot has taken a shiv to the Shiv, knifing its minion damage AP ratio, and reducing the Energize stacking on dashes – sorry, LeBlanc mains. According to Summoner’s Rift team lead Matt ‘Phroxzon’ Leung-Harrison, while “AP Shiv is overtuned” on champions like LeBlanc, it’s roughly balanced on others like Teemo and Zoe.

Of course, Statikk Shiv isn’t the only mover or shaker on the upcoming patch. Once again, there’s a meta-shifting rumble in the jungle, as Ivern, Kindred, and Rek’Sai, Vi, and Wukong are all lined up for nerfs. Conversely, Lee Sin and Nidalee are set to receive some love.

LoL patch 13.13 notes: preview

Elsewhere on the Rift, Annie, Aphelios, Neeko, support Rell, and Varus’s AP build path are all getting nerfed. Jungle Rell, on the other hand, is getting a buff.

On the item and system front, Ghost joins Statikk Shiv in the dog house. Adjustments to Essence Reaver, Stormrazor, and the Samira and Katarina Duskblade interaction will also be made.

While we’ll be sad to see the end to minion waves being minced by Statikk Shiv, we’re glad to see some of the jungle’s most dominant picks get brought down a peg. That’s enough Rek’Sai tunneling into our lane for one patch, thank you very much.

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