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LoL patch 13.11 to bring surprise Kalista buff after eight years

According to developer Riot Games, League of Legends patch 13.11 will feature a suite of changes for the hoppy MOBA game character among other champions.

League of Legends patch 13.11 preview: Kalista

The League of Legends patch 13.11 preview notes have finally been revealed, and one of Riot Games’ hit MOBA game’s slipperiest champions is about to have a fundamental part of her kit buffed in a significant way.

That’s right, among the latest changes to Kalista in the upcoming League of Legends update, the Spear of Vengeance’s basic attack damage will finally scale with 100% of her Attack Damage again, up from the 90% it was nerfed to all the way back in July 2015’s patch 5.13. Although the champion has traditionally been balanced in the LoL ranks around the power of her Rend and Martial Poise, it looks like Riot feels it can continue to do so while topping up her power on the front end.

According to the notes posted to Twitter by the official LoL dev team account, champions like Akali, Ivern, and Rek’Sai will also be buffed alongside Kalista. Aurelion Sol, Aphelios, and Kog’Maw, meanwhile, are among those in the firing line for nerfs. Finally, Rell’s midscope update will gallop onto the Rift.

While LoL patch 13.11 is set to be pretty beefy – plenty of items are also being tweaked – the team says that “a bunch of outlier champions and systems” have been targeted, and players should “expect small tunings in following patches.”

League of Legends patch 13.11 preview: changes

Although we haven’t seen Kalista appear in the meta for a hot minute, we’re certainly hoping for a shake up in the bot lane meta post-MSI, as we begin the not-so-long march to LoL Worlds. Time to get those kiting shoes on.