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League of Legends patch 12.21 notes include tweaks to remakes

In the League of Legends patch 12.21 notes, there is plenty to mull over while you wait for the LoL Worlds final - here's what's changing

LoL patch 12.21 notes: The splash art for Ornn in League of Legends

The League of Legends patch 12.21 notes have been revealed by Riot Games, and there’s some interesting stuff to mull over. While it isn’t the biggest update (mainly due to some little thing called Worlds 2022 going on, apparently) there are still some champion buffs and nerfs to be aware of, as well as a further improvement to the MOBA’s remake system.

For what is now the third update in a row, Blitzcrank is getting tweaked again. In 12.19 he received some buffs, in 12.20 he was slightly nerfed, and now in 12.21 he’s once again being brought down a peg. His base damage and armor is being decreased, as is his W attack speed.

LoL patch 12.21 also includes nerfs to Miss Fortune and Bel’Veth.

There is also a rather peculiar change to Ornn in this update, whereby an ongoing bug with the champion is actually being kept in as an intended improvement to his kit. “Sometimes there are bugs that end up becoming features,” the patch notes read. “Ornn’s ultimate has been inflicting a 60% slow for some time now and we’ve decided to make this feature official as of this patch.”

The champions receiving buffs in this update are Malzahar, Xin Zhao, Corki, and Ahri.

Away from champions, Riot is also making changes to remakes. In order to get players out of compromised games more quickly, you can now call for a remake between 1:30 and 3:00 in a match.

There are also several bug fixes and quality of life improvements, and the introduction of new LoL champion K’Sante and the Empyrean skin line.

While that’s a quick overview for you, you can check out all the specific changes at the official patch notes here.