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League of Legends nerfs new champion Nilah in record time

League of Legends Nilah nerfs have already been dished out after the new champion instantly began to take over the meta with an insanely high win rate

League of Legends Nilah nerf: Nilah points two fingers to the sky as blue and pink light swirls around her

League of Legends newest champion, Nilah, officially hit the Rift just a couple of days ago. However, due to her instantly high win rate, Riot has been forced to take action with a hotfix, dishing out a nerf in what might just be record time for a brand new champion.

On July 14, just under 24 hours after Nilah was released into the wild in patch 12.13, Riot slammed the champion with several nerfs to her passive, her Q, her E, and her base health and armour stats (full changes are at the bottom of this article). That gives you a rough idea of just how busted Nilah was prior to this hotfix (and to be honest, she still might be, only time will tell).

In that short amount of time, Nilah had managed to exceed a 50% win rate, which is massive for a new champion that not many have had a chance to fully master yet. 12.13 has been something of a nightmare when it comes to balancing, as Riot has also had to tune down Master Yi, Gwen, and Sivir even earlier than the Nilah nerfs, as that trio was also dominating matches with ridiculously high win rates.

What’s even more baffling for players wondering why Nilah released in such an overpowered state, is that the new champion had already received a pre-release nerf during her time on the PBE.

Nilah will go down as one of the strongest new champions to ever be released into LoL, and has almost certainly set a new record for receiving a nerf in the shortest amount of time after officially releasing.

While bot lane players will have had a field day mashing their way through the LoL ranks with this overpowered new champion, the experience probably hasn’t been so great for anyone on the receiving end of her.

Here are the full League of Legends Nilah nerfs from the patch 12.13 hotfix:

  • Base health: 590  570
  • Base armor: 30  27
  • Passive heal increase: 10%  7.5%
  • Passive shield increase: 20%  15%
  • [Q] Empowered Attacks: 110% Total AD  100% Total AD
  • [Q] Empowered bonus attack speed: 15-65% (based on level)  10-60% (based on level)
  • [E] Recharge rate:  24/21/18/15/12  26/22.5/19/15.5/12