League of Legends Wild Rift closed beta adds more regions but resets progress

Current players will return to empty inventories to put them on a level playing field with new players

The first closed beta period for League of Legends: Wild Rift will end on October 3, but players won’t have too long to wait before being able to jump straight back in. It’ll be offline for a “couple of days” before returning with more players from more regions.

However, upon its resumption, all player content and ranked progress will be lost. This is undoubtedly frustrating for all the players in Southeast Asia who have been able to access the Closed Beta so far, but Riot Games wants all beta players to be on a level playing field.

One silver lining for returning Wild Rift players will be the rewards. All of their Wild Cores will be returned to them, with a bonus 20% on top. Therefore, now seems like a good time to stock up on the premium currency if you were planning on splashing the cash anyway. Wild Rift players will have to find something else to play for the couple of days the game is down, perhaps hitting the regular LoL ranks as a replacement.

In its full announcement on the Wild Rift support page, Riot explains that playing the closed beta is not about the loot you gathered but the experience you gained. Whether that will be a major advantage or not remains to be seen.

Players’ settings will remain untouched though, it’s just the in-game loot and experience that will be reset. Riot explains that players’ “friend list, chat history, custom item loadouts, and other settings/permissions” will go untouched.

There is no word on what regions the closed beta is expanding to include at present, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as we know. Make sure you have the Beta pre-registered to be notified if you’re in. The game is expected to release in the latter parts of 2020, but there is no concrete release date yet.